Illustration of a horse driving a car

Do you know what makes art more exciting? It’s when we add a dash of silliness and a splash of fun to it! And that’s exactly what I am going to help you do today with some really hilarious and silly drawing prompts.

You heard it right! I have a list of 100 silly drawing prompts that will make your art class the most exciting one yet.

These prompts are designed to tickle your funny bone, light up your imagination, and make your sketchbook the coolest thing ever! So, let’s start with our list of 100 funny drawing prompts.

List of 100 Funny Drawing Ideas

Drawing of a fish in a bowl of jello

  1. A polar bear wearing sunglasses and sipping lemonade.

  2. A cereal box mascot moonwalking on a tightrope.

  3. Draw your favorite cartoon character trying to bake a cake.

  4. An ice cream cone running away from the sun.

  5. A shark eating a rainbow-colored pizza.

  6. A sea creature hosting a talk show underwater.

  7. A fish swimming in a pool full of jello.

  8. A giraffe with its head in the clouds.

  9. A horse trying to fit into a sports car.

  10. A dragon wearing a superhero cape.

  11. A cat and dog playing chess at a birthday party.

  12. A hamster running a marathon in outer space.

  13. An elephant trying to hide behind a light post.

  14. A mermaid trying to walk in high-heeled shoes.

  15. A group of penguins trying to climb a palm tree.

  16. A rainbow that’s lost all its color and needs to paint itself back.

  17. A pair of sunglasses trying to find its perfect sun.

  18. Two sea creatures having a disco dance-off.

  19. A person with arms so long they use them as jump ropes.

  20. A happy cloud having a picnic in outer space.

  21. A bunny trying to teach a turtle to hop.

  22. A car driving on a road made of spaghetti.

  23. A flower doing yoga in the park.

  24. A bird trying to learn to swim.

  25. A zebra trying to repaint its stripes.

  26. A banana riding a bicycle.

  27. A pineapple going to school.

  28. A cheeseburger playing a video game.

  29. A book reading a human.

  30. A cloud having a pillow fight with another cloud.

  31. A pizza slice playing catch with a football.

  32. A worm running a fruit stand.

  33. A jellyfish playing the drums.

  34. A bear trying to fit in a tiny car.

  35. A dinosaur using a cellphone.

  36. A family of aliens on vacation at a beach.

  37. An owl with glasses reading a bedtime story.

  38. A duck using an umbrella in the rain.

  39. A star trying to shine brighter than the moon.

  40. A piece of candy doing weightlifting.

  41. A pair of shoes playing tag.

  42. A toaster toasting a piece of bread on a camping trip.

  43. An apple teaching math at a school.

  44. A hotdog playing baseball.

  45. A dinosaur making a sandcastle.

  46. A crab doing karaoke at a beach party.

  47. An octopus baking cupcakes.

  48. A loaf of bread kayaking down a river.

  49. A frog in a hot air balloon.

  50. A mouse sailing in a cheese boat.

  51. A refrigerator going shopping for groceries.

  52. A snail at a race track.

  53. A lollipop going for a walk in the park.

  54. A bowl of spaghetti playing jump rope.

  55. A family of peas going on a road trip.

  56. A pair of socks knitting a scarf.

  57. A spider web hosting a tea party.

  58. A koala climbing a skyscraper.

  59. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich going hiking.

  60. A school bus full of animals going to school.

  61. A watermelon slice surfing on a wave.

  62. A tree on a rollercoaster ride.

  63. A donut trying to escape from a donut shop.

  64. A pencil drawing a person.

  65. An ant lifting a piece of candy.

  66. A tiger trying to juggle.

  67. A strawberry dancing ballet.

  68. A bird teaching a fish to fly.

  69. A ladybug painting its spots.

  70. A pair of jeans going for a jog.

  71. A plant growing pizza slices.

  72. A moon eating a cheeseburger.

  73. A chicken cooking breakfast.

  74. A toothbrush brushing its teeth.

  75. A human head pen writing on a page.

  76. A crocodile brushing its teeth.

  77. A bee reading a newspaper.

  78. A squirrel going grocery shopping.

  79. A spoon and fork playing tennis.

  80. A piece of paper drawing a pencil.

  81. A cat driving a firetruck.

  82. A cheese moon in a night sky.

  83. An orange peeling itself.

  84. A lion with a mane full of butterflies.

  85. A flamingo trying to play soccer.

  86. A rocket ship taking a detour around a rainbow.

  87. A potato in a potato sack race.

  88. A group of stars forming a constellation in the shape of a puppy.

  89. A cactus trying to give a high five.

  90. A group of ants building a sand castle.

  91. A paper plane winning a real airplane race.

  92. A donkey at a music concert.

  93. A potato on a roller coaster.

  94. A shark trying on different hats at a hat store.

  95. A group of jellybeans playing hide and seek.

  96. A piece of bacon sunbathing on a grill.

  97. A pencil trying to erase itself.

  98. A pair of sunglasses at a disco party.

  99. A herd of unicorns sliding down a rainbow.

  100. A sunflower trying to catch the sun.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Before we wrap up, I want to share a funny story from my art adventures. One day, I decided to draw my pet cat, Fluffy, taking a bubble bath.

I was laughing as I sketched her with bubbles on her head, acting like a queen in a luxurious bathtub. As I finished my masterpiece, guess who jumped into my sketchbook?

Fluffy, with her wet paws! It looked like she wanted to add her own artistic touch to the drawing! :D

So, remember, when exploring these 100 silly drawing prompts, the most important thing is to laugh, enjoy, and sometimes, even expect unexpected ‘help’!


What are some fun drawing ideas?

Illustration of a smiling cloud

Well, young artists, fun drawing ideas are everywhere! From happy clouds in the sky to a bubble bath in your tub, there’s always something silly to sketch.

Imagine drawing a cat having a dance party or a pizza slice on a skateboard. With creative drawing prompts, the sky’s the limit!

You can even create your own little world full of funny characters and cool things. Get your pencils ready, because making art has never been this exciting!

What should I draw prompt?

a man sitting at a desk not sure what to draw

Stuck on what to draw next? Don’t worry! With above shared sketchbook prompts, you’ll never run out of ideas. How about drawing a polar bear eating an ice cream cone?

Or maybe a shark wearing sunglasses? A shark wearing glasses

You can make art come alive with silly faces, long legs, or even turn your favorite food into a cartoon character. Drawing prompts are about letting your imagination run wild and making art that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

What can I draw I’m bored?

A person on the couch looking bored

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, why not have fun with some real life drawings?

Imagine a fish swimming in bubbles or a duck taking a bath. Or maybe you’d like to draw happy clouds, dancing rainbows, or cool things like a sun wearing a hat!

With creative drawing prompts, being bored means it’s time to unleash your imagination.

What random thing can I draw?

A random set of drawings

Random things are often the best things to draw! How about a dragon trying on shoes? Or a car made out of candy? Or two animals without legs?

The world is full of cool things to sketch, and all it takes is a little imagination.

From silly drawing prompts like a dog flying a kite to emoji clouds with smiling faces, you can create a world where anything is possible.

Whether it’s a flower playing a guitar or a horse reading a book, the most random ideas often make the most exciting art.