We’re inspiring those who think different

(Yeah, we know apple said it first)

What prompted our pursuit?

The world is dreamed up from the ideas of creative geniuses.

Wilbur and Orville Wright had their interest in flight sparked by a simple rubber band toy given to them by their father.

That spark can come from anywhere, but staying motivated can be difficult when left to our bad habits and broken agreements with ourselves.

Our goal with Fresh Prompts is to provide you a consistent spark to inspire you to be creative every day.

We're building delightful and entertaining tools that might prompt your ambitious ideas (even if it starts with a drawing).

Our Story

Behind this small operation is a design and development duo.

Fresh Prompts is run by Neil (developer) and Nate (designer and writer).

But, we also pursue our creative passions outside of our regular jobs like rock climbing, bird photography and drawing.

Nate writes a weekly newsletter and teaches design, pursuing the creator life after leaving his last role as a creative director. He moved from Minnesota to California in 2014 with his wife, and now live in Los Angeles with their daughter.

Neil is a senior engineer and is currently helping build software tools for real estate agents to better assist homebuyers in their journey. He lives in Minnesota with his wife and three children.

We both live on the edges of technology, hopefully using it for good.

We're Small Tech

Fully bootstrapped, our North Star is creating fun and inspiring products you find meaningful to use.

Since we're self funded and fiercely independent, we hope to build sustainable products you would pay for.

If you want to reach out to us, you can find Neil and Nate on Twitter.