Ever felt like your artistic mojo is taking a siesta while you’re staring at a blank sheet of paper? Fret not, fellow doodle lovers, because I’ve got over 100 simple drawing prompts to awaken your creative juices and get you sketching like a pro!


An illustration of a teacher on an island

Draw your favorite character (TV show, movie, book, cartoon, game, etc.)

Bring your most loved character to life on paper! Sketch their unique features, remember their cool outfits, and let the character charm the page.

Draw a person with fruit for hair

Think about a person with a head full of juicy fruits instead of hair! It could be bunches of bananas, a pineapple mohawk, or strawberry curls - let your creativity explode like a fruit salad!

Draw yourself with a super power

Imagine you’re a superhero, flying high above the rooftops, or you have the power to talk to animals - bring your super-powered self to life with your drawing techniques.

Draw yourself as an animal

Think about the animal you feel you’re most like, whether it’s a brave lion or a swift dolphin. Draw yourself as that creature, showcasing its distinctive features and your own unique touch!

Draw an art teacher on an island

Just imagine your art teacher stranded on an island, surrounded by colorful parrots and palm trees! Sketch their surprised expression and the sandy beach around them - it’s a funny vacation they didn’t expect!

Draw a person in your life as a cartoon character An illustration of a a cartoon character

Pick someone you know and turn them into a cartoon character - maybe your mom as a super chef, or your best friend as a fast runner!

Draw your teacher as a zombie

This might be a hoot! What if your math or English teacher became a funny, not-so-scary zombie? Sketch them in class with zombie-style googly eyes and a silly walk, making learning a lot more zany!

Draw yourself as a fairy

Imagine yourself with sparkling wings, flying amongst flowers, and spreading magic! Drawing yourself as a fairy would be like stepping into a dreamy wonderland where you’re the charming, magical creature.

Draw your favorite person

Put your favorite person under the spotlight and let them shine in your artwork! Whether it’s your dad with his wide smile, your best friend with her funky glasses, or your favorite singer - let your pencils and colors speak your heart out.

Animals Drawing Ideas

An illustration of a butterfly

Draw a pair of birds

Get your colors ready for an awesome adventure: draw two birds, perhaps best buddies, chirping and fluttering together! Try to capture their vibrant feathers and friendly beaks.

Draw a butterfly

Ready to draw something that flutters? Sketch a beautiful butterfly, with its dazzling, colorful wings spread wide, as if it’s about to take off into the bright sky.

Draw a dog or cat

Put on your pet-artist hat and imagine the funniest or the cutest scene between a dog or a cat. Maybe your dog is wagging its tail in joy or your cat is napping in a sunny spot!

Draw a frog An illustration of a frog

Let’s hop into the world of frogs! Draw a cute, green frog sitting on a lily pad, its wide eyes staring curiously at the world around it.

Draw your favorite animal

Now it’s time to bring your favorite animal to life on your paper! Maybe it’s a majestic lion or a sneaky fox, just let your love for your favorite animal guide your pencil.

Draw an animal you saw today

Remember the squirrel in your backyard or the dog in the park? Draw the animal that you saw today and let everyone see your day through your art!

Draw a rabbit with long legs An illustration of a rabbit with long legs

Let’s twist things a little! Imagine a rabbit, but instead of short, chubby legs, it has long, stilt-like legs. How does it look hopping around?

Draw a lazy animal An illustration of a sloth

Picture an animal just chilling, maybe a sloth hanging from a tree, yawning or a sleepy cat stretching. Show us what the animal kingdom’s chill mode looks like!

Draw an animal dancing

It’s party time in the animal world! Pick an animal and show it grooving to its favorite tune, be it a dancing elephant or a hip-hopping kangaroo!

Draw a bear chilling

Imagine a big, cuddly bear doing nothing but chilling. Is it lazily fishing in a river or sipping on a honey smoothie? You decide!

Draw a dinosaur crying

Ever seen a dinosaur shedding tears? Draw a dinosaur looking a little sad, perhaps it lost its favorite leaf or can’t find its dino buddy.

Draw a cat playing a sport

Cats can be athletes too! Sketch a kitty chasing a soccer ball or perhaps swinging a tiny tennis racket, showing off its sporty side.

Draw a chicken skydiving

Who said chickens can’t fly? Draw a brave chicken, goggles on, flapping its wings while skydiving from a great height.

Draw a squirrel roasting a marshmallow

Picture a squirrel having a mini-campfire, toasting a yummy marshmallow. How adorable would it look holding a tiny stick with a marshmallow on top!

Draw a flamingo doing ballet

Ever imagined a flamingo on its tip-toes? Show a flamingo doing a graceful ballet dance, its long legs twirling around.

Draw a butterfly eating a steak

Let’s end with a little giggle! Draw a butterfly trying to eat a big, juicy steak. How will it tackle this tasty challenge?


An illustration of a waterfall

Draw a Waterfall

Ready to splash some excitement on your paper? Let’s draw a waterfall - a giant, breathtaking splash from the sky to the earth!

Draw Your Favorite Flower A drawing of a flower

Do you have a flower you adore? Put that charm on paper, whether it’s the majestic rose or a bright and cheery daisy!

Draw a Tree Branch

Get your hands ready for a twirling adventure! We’re drawing a tree branch, a home for countless chirping birds and tiny, crawling bugs.

Draw a Rain Cloud

How about creating some weather indoors? Let’s draw a rain cloud, an umbrella of water droplets just waiting to shower down!

Draw a Leaf

Here’s a challenge for your detail skills! Sketch a leaf, nature’s very own green, breathing piece of art with all its tiny lines and curves.

Draw a Mushroom

Ready for some forest magic? Let’s draw a mushroom - a cute little umbrella for bugs, popping straight from the earth!

Draw the Sun

Get set to bring light and warmth into your day! Draw the sun, the yellow ball of energy that brightens our lives and makes our day fun.

Draw a Tree

Stand tall with your drawing skills! Time to sketch a tree, the green giant that provides homes to birds and gives us shade on sunny days.

Draw a Shell

Let’s dive into an underwater adventure! We’re drawing a shell, a mysterious treasure from the ocean, home to tiny sea creatures.

Draw a Volcano

Are you ready to erupt with creativity? Let’s draw a volcano - nature’s hot-headed mountain that likes to spit out red-hot lava!

Draw a Cactus

Embrace the spirit of the desert! Sketch a cactus, the prickly survivor standing tall amidst the golden sands, home to many desert critters.


A drawing of a bag of chips

Draw your favorite food

Jump into the world of deliciousness by drawing your favorite food! It’s an exciting adventure to bring your tastiest memories to life on a piece of paper.

Draw your favorite fruit

Let’s see how you can make your favorite fruit appear juicy and fresh in a drawing. This is a fun chance to show how something so simple can look so yummy when you put your artistic spin on it!

Draw your favorite snack

Grab your favorite art supplies, it’s snack time! Dive into the crunchy, sweet or salty world of your favorite snack with a cool drawing.

Draw a piece of fruit in outer space

Imagine a strawberry floating in space! Get creative and think about how a fruit might look bouncing around among the stars and planets.

Draw a cookie with googly eyes

It’s time to give your cookie a face! Imagine how funny a cookie would look with big, googly eyes and draw it out for everyone to enjoy. Think about more funny drawing ideas like this.

Draw a pineapple rollerblading

Picture a pineapple zipping around on rollerblades! Capture this funny drawing idea in a drawing and see how fun and silly a sporty pineapple can look.

Draw a banana in pajamas An illustration of a banana in pajamas

It’s bedtime for the banana! Grab your colors and make a comfy and cozy drawing of a banana all ready for sleep in its adorable pajamas.

Draw an apple talking to your art teacher

How would an apple chat with your art teacher? Unleash your creativity and draw this weirdly wonderful conversation.

Draw an ice cream cone eating a Popsicle

Now that’s a chilly scene! An ice cream eating a Popsicle is as frosty and fun as it sounds, so get ready to create this icy masterpiece.


A drawing of a pair of shoes

Draw your favorite pair of shoes

Imagine your coolest pair of shoes and recreate them on paper. From the colors to the patterns, make sure your shoes are the most fashionable pair in town!

Draw your outfit

What’s your style today? Sketch it out, whether it’s your funky tee, cool shorts, or snuggly pajamas, and make sure to include all the fun details!

Draw a jar with something inside

Picture a jar that holds something magical inside. Is it colorful candies, mystical fairy dust, or a teeny tiny rainforest?

Draw something in your room

Capture a part of your personal space, it could be your comfy bed, the poster on your wall, or the toys on your shelf. Let’s make your room come alive on your drawing sheet!

Draw a pencil sharpener eating something other than a pencil

Imagine a pencil sharpener having a crazy snack time! Could it be chomping on a lollipop, munching some french fries, or nibbling a piece of cheese?

Draw a marker painting

What if your marker decided to create its own masterpiece? Show us how it would hold a tiny paintbrush and splash colors all over the canvas!

Draw a pair of scissors running

Ever seen scissors sprinting like a track star? Sketch a pair of scissors on the move, complete with sneaky grins and speed lines!

Draw a squirt gun squirting paint

Time for a paint war! Picture your squirt gun filled with bright, colorful paint instead of water, ready to turn everything into a canvas!

Draw a pair of shoes made out of flowers

Dream of shoes made entirely of vibrant flowers. What would they look like? Sunflower sandals, or rose petal boots - let your imagination bloom!


An illustration of a house in the sky

Draw your favorite place in the world

Get out your crayons, pencils, or paints and transport yourself to your favorite spot on Earth! It might be your cozy bedroom, a serene beach, or a bustling city street - capture it in color and share the joy of your happy place.

Draw a house in the sky

Let’s let our imagination fly and create a floating house in the clouds! Draw a house, complete with windows, doors, and a chimney, soaring through fluffy clouds and blue skies - wouldn’t it be amazing to live there?

Draw a doorway to another world

Imagine you stumble upon a magical door that leads to an entirely new world! Maybe it’s a world of candy or a place where dinosaurs still roam - sketch the door, and give us a peek of that exciting world through the doorway.

Draw a place you want to visit

Is there a city, country, or planet you’ve always wanted to explore? Now’s your chance to make it come alive on paper! Draw the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, or even Mars - your dream destination is your canvas.

Draw your dream house

What would your dream house look like? Is it a castle, a cabin in the woods, or a futuristic dome? Make it real on your paper, and don’t forget to include all your favorite features - maybe a gigantic slide or a pool filled with jello!

Whimsical Easy Drawing Prompts

An illustration of an octopus with spoons for tentacles

Draw an octopus with spoons for legs

Here’s a fun challenge: let’s replace the eight wiggly legs of an octopus with spoons! Will it use them to scoop up fish or play a crazy underwater drum solo? Only your drawing can tell!

Draw a foot doing a handstand

Ever seen a foot pull off a perfect handstand? Me neither, but let’s imagine it! Draw a foot standing on its toes (or should I say ‘fingertips’?) and balancing like a champ - the sillier, the better.

Draw the moon fighting the sun

Who would win in an epic celestial battle, the moon or the sun? Put on your space helmet and draw the moon and sun with boxing gloves or lightsabers, duking it out in the sky - this will be the coolest space fight ever!

Draw a stick figure falling

Time to put some drama into our drawings - a stick figure in the midst of a fall! Did it trip on a banana peel or is it doing a cool skydive? Draw the same scene and decide your stick figure’s fate!

Draw your name as an animal

What if your name could transform into a wild animal? Could ‘Alex’ morph into an ‘Alligator’ or ‘Emily’ into an ‘Elephant’? Get creative and draw your name as an animal - you might surprise yourself with roaringly good artwork!

A Drawing Day Challenge

An illustration of a pair of hands

Draw something inspired by the lyrics of a song you are listening to

Listen to your favorite jam, let the words dance in your mind, and draw what they make you imagine. It’s like bringing your song to life, with colors and shapes!

Draw eyes

Get your pencils ready to capture the mirror of the soul. Eyes can express so much, so let’s see what yours will say!

Draw hands or feet An illustration of a foot

Let’s play detective and study some clues, hands or feet. They tell stories of adventures had, so let’s bring those tales to life!

Draw something that scares you

Brave artists ahead! Draw what spooks you, because sometimes, drawing our fears can make them a little less scary.

Draw something that makes you happy or relaxed

Think of that special thing that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, and give it a life on paper. Your joy will jump right off the page!

Draw a face or emoji

Let’s create some funny faces or emojis. Make them as silly or as serious as you want, but most of all, make them uniquely yours!

Draw something that starts with the same first letter as your first name

Do you share a starting letter with an elephant or an apple? Draw something that shares your first initial, and let’s discover your alphabetical twin!

Draw an animal you saw today An illustration of a dog

Did a bird visit your window or a dog wag its tail at you? Draw that furry, feathery, or scaly friend you spotted today!

Draw something that is hot or cold

Ice cream melting or a volcano erupting, which will it be? Sketch something hot or cold, and see how temperature shapes our world!

Silly Drawing Prompts

A drawing of scissors

Draw a superhero wearing a tutu

Imagine a superhero twirling in a tutu! It’s time to show the world that real heroes aren’t afraid of a little ballet.

Draw a potato with a goofy face

Give a potato personality with your pencils! Draw the goofiest spud face and get ready for giggles galore.

Draw a dinosaur crying

Who says big dinos don’t have big feelings? Draw a dinosaur shedding tears and show us the softer side of these ancient giants.

Draw a plant with a face

Plants are our silent companions, but what if they could express themselves? Draw a plant with a face and give a voice to our green friends.

Draw the moon howling at a wolf

Switch roles for a fun twist! Draw the moon howling back at a wolf, and let’s see how the night responds to this lunar serenade.

Food with Personality

A drawing of a garden of lollipops

Draw a banana slipping on banana peels
Imagine a banana turned clumsy comedian, tumbling over its own peel – a truly hilarious fruity mess!

Draw a piece of asparagus snowboarding
Envision an asparagus, the raddest veggie on the block, whizzing down a snowy hill on a snowboard!

Draw a donut riding a skateboard
Picture a daring donut on a skateboard, gliding around like a pastry pro in a world where treats are also talented!

Draw a turkey leg eating a turkey sandwich
Think of a turkey leg, no ordinary one, munching on a turkey sandwich – a gobbling good paradox!

Draw a cheeseburger wearing a dress
Just imagine a cheeseburger all dolled up in a pretty dress, adding a sizzling style to the foodie fashion runway!

Draw a lemon making orange juice
Can you see it? A lemon squeezing some fresh orange juice - it’s citrus world surprise!

Draw a garden of lollipops
Envision a candy land where colorful lollipops sprout from the ground like magical flowers, oh what a sweet garden!

Creative Drawing Prompts

A drawing of a treasure chest in a cave

Draw a Ferris wheel on top of a mountain
Picture a Ferris wheel, perched high atop a mountain, spinning riders through the clouds – truly a breathtaking view!

Draw a cabin on top of a cloud
Imagine a cozy cabin floating on a fluffy cloud, where you might live if you were as light as a feather!

Draw the Statue of Liberty eating pizza
Think of the mighty Lady Liberty, having a fun slice of New York’s best pizza – talk about a gigantic snack!

Draw a treasure chest in an underground cave
Can you see a shiny treasure chest hidden in a mysterious underground cave, sparkling with secrets of a long-lost pirate’s loot?

Absurd Objects

An drawing of a crying crayon

Draw a bicycle riding a bicycle

Get ready to spin your wheels of creativity and draw a bicycle doing the pedaling, just like a human!

Draw a crying crayon

Ever thought about a crayon shedding colorful tears? Here’s your chance to make it come alive on paper!

Draw the Eiffel Tower eating a baguette

Show off your artistic skills by drawing the iconic Eiffel Tower taking a bite out of France’s favorite bread, a baguette!

Draw lightning striking the tallest building in the world

Let’s get electrifying by drawing an epic moment of lightning zapping the highest skyscraper!

Whimsy in Space

An illustration of a orange in space

Draw something floating in Outer Space

Pick your favorite object and sketch it having a zero-gravity adventure amidst the stars!

Draw a piece of fruit in outer space

What if a juicy apple was orbiting the Earth? Let’s put that fruity twist to the cosmos!

Draw a moon fighting the sun over a turkey sandwich

It’s an out-of-this-world lunch squabble between the moon and the sun, all over a delicious turkey sandwich!

Nature Doing Unusual Things

An illustration of a whale swimming in the sky

Draw a whale in the sky

Time to flip the script and draw a gigantic whale soaring high in the clouds instead of swimming in the sea!

Draw a house in the sky

Houses belong on the ground, right? Not in your drawing, where a cozy house floats high among the fluffy clouds!

Draw a cactus in a milkshake An illustration of a cactus in a milkshake

Here’s a prickly situation! Sketch a cactus cooling off by taking a dip in a sweet and frosty milkshake!

Draw a snowman sailing

Who says snowmen can’t enjoy summer? Let’s bring Frosty the Snowman on a sailing adventure!


In a world where creativity can often take a backseat to the daily grind, these simple drawing prompts are here to reignite your artistic passion in the art class. Whether it’s caricatures, landscapes, or fashion sketches, there’s a prompt for every artist and every mood. So grab your sketchbook, unleash your inner Picasso, and let the creative juices flow with your favorite drawing prompt! Need some easy drawing tips?