Child dreaming up ideas to draw

Have you ever had a day where you couldn’t think of anything to draw? You’re not alone!

That’s why I’m here to share my secret art weapon - “drawing prompts!” Imagine having a magical list of 100 creative ideas to make your pencils dance on paper. And what if I told you there are free printable drawing prompts just a click away? Yup, you heard me right!

So, get your crayons ready. We’re gonna have a blast!

Get Crafty with a Drawing Prompts Jar

Jar with drawing prompts

When you’re trying to think of something to draw - ideas can fly away just as fast as they come! So, why not save them? Let’s make our own jar of ideas!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Fun Start: Grab a jar from your kitchen - the bigger, the better! You’re gonna need room for a lot of fun ideas.

  • Art Class Magic: Now, take all those amazing drawing prompt ideas you’ve learned from your class or found online and write each one on a separate piece of paper.

  • Meet your Imaginary Friend: Think about your friend. What would they love to see you draw? Jot down those ideas, too!

Congratulations! Now you’ve got a jar full of artistic inspiration. The next time your mind feels blank, reach into your jar and let the magic unfold. Drawing just got more exciting, right?

Drawing and Coloring Supplies for Kids’

Alright, kiddos, before we jump into our fun-filled art adventure, we’ve got to gear up with some essential art supplies. Here’s every kid’s favorite list:

Drawing supplies for kids

  • Crayons: They’re like handheld rainbows! Perfect for adding bursts of color to your art.

  • Markers: Thick or thin, markers can bring your drawings to life in bold, vibrant colors.

  • Pencils: Pencils are your best friend, from sketching your ideas to fine-tuning the details.

  • Colored Pencils: Want more precision with your colors? Colored pencils are just the ticket.

  • Pastels: These can add a soft, dreamy quality to your drawings. Plus, they’re fun to smudge!

  • Acrylic Paints: For those bigger projects, nothing beats the bright, quick-drying colors of acrylics.

  • Watercolors: Want a softer look? Watercolors can give your drawings a beautiful, dreamy vibe.

  • Sketchbooks: This is where all your wonderful creations will live. Consider it your personal art diary.

  • Erasers: Mistakes happen, and that’s okay! Erasers help us clean up and start fresh.

  • Rulers: These are great for when you want to get those lines just right.

  • Construction Paper: Available in all sorts of cheerful colors, this paper can add an extra pop to your art.

With these supplies, you’re all set for your drawing journey. Now let’s talk about art prompts.

Drawing Prompts for Beginners

castle drawing

Time for some real fun. Let’s unleash that creative monster inside you with these super easy drawing prompts.

  1. Sunny Day: Draw the happiest sun you’ve ever seen.

  2. Floating Balloons: What’s a party without balloons? Draw a bunch of colorful balloons floating in the sky.

  3. Chomp, Chomp!: Draw your favorite animal munching on their favorite snack.

  4. Sweet Treat: Can you imagine a more delicious sight than an ice cream cone? Go on, give it a shot!

  5. Funny Face: Pull a funny face in the mirror, and then try to draw it.

  6. Dreamy Castle: How about a majestic castle from a fairy tale?

  7. Alien Buddy: Draw an alien friend from a galaxy far, far away.

  8. Magical Unicorn: Who doesn’t love unicorns? Time to let kids draw their very own!

  9. Super You: Draw yourself as a superhero. What’s your power?

  10. Crazy Robot: End with a bang! Draw a zany robot doing a silly dance.

Drawing Prompts for Preschoolers

Twinkling star drawing

Let’s sprinkle some extra fun on our drawing pad with these delightful art prompts for our youngest artists!

  1. Bubble Guppies: Draw a fish blowing bubbles in a big, blue sea.

  2. Hop, Skip, Jump: Sketch a frog leaping from lily pad to lily pad.

  3. Flutter By: A pretty butterfly resting on a flower. Isn’t it lovely?

  4. Rainbow Ride: Draw a colorful rainbow, and don’t forget the pot of gold!

  5. Twinkle Star: A bright star twinkling in the night sky.

  6. Silly Monster: A goofy monster with three eyes and fuzzy hair.

  7. Cuddly Bear: Draw a teddy bear all ready for bedtime.

  8. Yummy Fruits: Can you draw a bunch of your favorite fruits in a basket?

  9. Choo Choo Train: All aboard! Draw a long train chugging down the tracks.

  10. Family Portrait: Draw your family! You, mom, dad, siblings, even your pet!

These art projects are a great way for preschoolers to get creative.

Drawing Prompts for Kindergarteners

pirates chest drawing

Yippee! Here comes a list of super fun drawing prompts especially designed for our amazing kindergarteners. Get ready to explore and encourage creativity!

  1. Merry Mermaids: Draw a beautiful mermaid with shiny scales and flowing hair.

  2. Woof-woof Wonderland: Can you draw a park full of playful puppies?

  3. Fairy Friend: Sketch a cute fairy sitting on a toadstool. Don’t forget the wings!

  4. Zoo Adventure: Draw your favorite zoo animal doing something funny.

  5. Toy Tornado: Imagine your toys came to life. What would they do? Draw it!

  6. Pirate’s Treasure: A pirate’s treasure chest overflowing with jewels and gold.

  7. Funny Family: Sketch your family doing something hilarious.

  8. Dream House: Draw your dream house. How many rooms? Any secret passages?

  9. Food Fiesta: Draw a plate full of your favorite food.

  10. Best Friend: Draw your best friend, real or imaginary.

Drawing Prompts for Middle and High School Kids

futuristic toy drawing

My middle and high school Picasso’s, it’s your turn now! Here are some awesome drawing prompts to ignite your creativity and help you create masterpieces.

  1. Mighty Mountaintop: Draw the view from the top of an epic mountain.

  2. Favorite Holiday Magic: Sketch a scene representing your favorite holiday.

  3. Tech Marvel: Draw the gadget of the future.

  4. Celebrity Portrait: Try your hand at drawing your favorite celebrity.

  5. Favorite Foods Feast: Imagine a feast with all your favorite foods. Can you draw it?

  6. Hero’s Journey: Sketch a brave hero facing a dangerous beast.

  7. Birthday Cake Surprise: Draw the most outrageous birthday cake you can think of.

  8. Dream Destination: Where do you want to travel? Draw a scene from there.

  9. Fashion Forward: Design an outfit you’d love to wear on a red carpet.

  10. Comic Strip: Create a comic strip about a day in your life.

Silly Art Prompts for Kids

Polka dot pony

These super silly art prompts will make you giggle and grin. Don’t forget, we’re here to have fun!

  1. Polka Dot Pony: Draw a horse, but make it polka-dotted!

  2. Upside Down Day: Sketch a scene where everything is upside down.

  3. Fish Swimming In the Sky: What if fish could fly? Let’s draw it!

  4. Rainbow Zebra: Have you ever seen a zebra with rainbow stripes? Now’s your chance to draw one!

  5. Amusement Park of Crazy Creatures: Create an amusement park where all the visitors are goofy creatures.

  6. Craft Train of Cakes: Choo choo! Draw a train where each car is a different kind of cake!

  7. Monster Picnic: Monsters gotta eat, too, right? Sketch monsters having a picnic.

  8. Dancing Houses: Houses can’t dance, or can they? Draw it!

  9. Robot Babysitter: Ever wondered what a robot babysitter might look like? Draw one!

  10. Spaghetti Trees: Trees that grow spaghetti. Yep, you read that right!

Don’t forget to download free printables for more silly prompts!

Imaginative Drawing Prompts for Kids

space pizza illustration

Hip-hip-hooray! It’s time to set our imaginations free with these super fun and imaginative drawing prompts! Let’s get our creativity to do a happy dance, shall we?

  1. Flying Favorite Toy: Imagine your favorite toy could fly. Where would it go? Draw that!

  2. Jellybean Jungle: A jungle where the trees are jellybeans. Yummy and fun!

  3. Pizza Planet: Draw a planet made entirely of pizza. Extra cheese, anyone?

  4. Daily Draw Diary: Draw something that happened to you today but make it super funny.

  5. Rainbow River: What if rivers were rainbows? Time to bring that easy idea to life.

  6. Alien School: Picture an alien going to school. What would that look like?

  7. Roller Skating Rabbit: A rabbit on roller skates. Now that’s hopping fun!

  8. Space Dinosaur: Imagine a dinosaur in a spacesuit.

  9. Candy Castle: A castle made of candies. Sweet, isn’t it?

  10. Super Squirrel: What if a squirrel had superpowers? Draw that!

Funny Drawing Prompts for Kids

penguin pizza party

Whoop! Whoop! We’re about to dive into a sea of giggles, so grab your colored pencils and art supplies!

  1. Giggling Grapes: A bunch of grapes can’t stop laughing!

  2. Penguin Pizza Party: Penguins are throwing a wild pizza party. Who brought the fish topping?

  3. The Queen of Quokkas: A cute quokka wearing a fancy crown.

  4. Sneezing Snail: A tiny snail that can’t stop sneezing!

  5. Popsicle Parade: Popsicles are marching in a parade, and one of them is melting!

  6. Disco Dancing Donut: A donut dancing disco under a disco ball. Can you feel the beat?

  7. Squirrel Superstar: A squirrel rocking out on an electric guitar.

  8. Bunny Ballerina: A fluffy bunny performing a ballet dance.

  9. Underwear Umbrella: An umbrella made of colorful underwear.

  10. Potato on Vacation: A chill potato sunbathing on the beach. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

Places and Objects Drawing Prompts for Kids

Party at the ferriss wheel

Yay! It’s time to go on a magical drawing adventure, visiting places and imagining fun objects! So, children, grab your pencils, let’s get creative!

  1. Party at the Ferris Wheel: What would a party at a Ferris wheel look like? Draw it!

  2. Beach Chair on the Moon: Can you imagine a comfy beach chair on the moon? What a sight!

  3. The Coolest T-Shirt Ever: What would it look like if you could design the coolest t-shirt?

  4. Favorite Book’s World: Draw a scene from your favorite book. What’s happening?

  5. Fancy Fruit Market: Draw a fruit market where fruits wear clothes. Fancy, right?

  6. Favorite Season Cityscape: Draw a cityscape in your favorite season.

  7. Underwater Pizza Shop: An underwater pizza shop with fish customers. Fun, isn’t it?

  8. Jungle Gym in the Jungle: Imagine a playground in the middle of a jungle!

  9. Ice Cream Castle: A castle made of ice creams of all flavors. Yum!

  10. Toy’s Great Adventure: Draw your favorite toy on an epic adventure.

Gratitude Drawing Prompts for Kids

Thankful tree illustration

Now it’s time to draw our thankful hearts with these gratitude-filled prompts. Imagination is your superpower, so let’s get painting, my child!

  1. Thankful Tree: Draw a tree where each leaf represents something you’re thankful for.

  2. Gifted Teacher: How about drawing your teacher receiving a special gift from the students?

  3. Furry Friend: Draw your pet doing something that makes you giggle.

  4. Family Portrait: Draw a fun portrait of your family doing their favorite things.

  5. Magical Moments: Draw a picture of your happiest moment this year.

  6. Favorite Food Fiesta: Draw a picture of your favorite meal. Yum!

  7. Helpful Hand: Draw a picture of someone helping another person.

  8. Special Place: Draw your favorite place, where you feel safe and happy.

  9. Joyful Journals: Draw the cover of a journal filled with everything that makes you happy.

  10. Lovely Laughter: Draw a moment when you laughed so hard your belly hurt!

Animal Drawing Prompts for Kids

Chef Cheetah drawing

Let’s talk about exciting animal-themed drawing prompts! So, grab your pencils and have fun with animals and nature!

  1. Dancing Dolphins: Draw a pair of dolphins doing the twist in the ocean!

  2. Chef Cheetah: How about a cheetah cooking up a feast?

  3. Butterfly Ballerina: Picture a graceful butterfly twirling in the air!

  4. Kangaroo Karate: Can you imagine a kangaroo practicing karate?

  5. Unicorn Under the Rainbows: Draw a unicorn relaxing under a sky full of rainbows!

  6. Monkey on a Motorbike: A monkey on a motorbike, what a sight!

  7. Penguin Princess: Draw a penguin dressed as a princess. Isn’t she beautiful?

  8. Bear at the Beach: A bear building sandcastles at the beach, how cute!

  9. Turtle’s Tea Party: A turtle hosting a fancy tea party, how does that look?

  10. Lion’s Laughter: And finally, draw a lion having a hearty laugh!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, my mini-Munchkins! With these supplies and prompts, you’re all set to create an art gallery right in your own room. Just remember, if your mom asks why there’s a pastel peacock on the living room wall, I was never here. ;)

Don’t worry if your drawing looks like a wonky donkey instead of a fancy unicorn! It’s all about fun, not perfection! Now draw!