If you’re looking for easy drawing prompts for kindergarten, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s me, your cool buddy, excited to dive into this wild world of doodles with you. I absolutely love drawing - it’s like a thrilling journey where our pencils are the magic wands. Whoosh!

There goes a butterfly! Zoom! There’s a rocket ship!

Make your kids super artists by sketching their way to fun and creativity. Remember, there’s no right or wrong here, just a whole lot of fun! For your next art class, here are 20 easy and creative drawing ideas! Ready, set, draw! Ready, set, draw!

Draw an Ice Cream Cone

An illustration of an ice cream cone

Alright, let’s dive into our first exciting drawing prompt! Who’s ready to draw an ice cream cone? Woohoo! I know you all love ice cream. What’s your favorite flavor? Is it creamy vanilla, smooth chocolate, or zesty strawberry?

Maybe you’re a mint choc chip fan! Or do you prefer swirls of rainbow sherbet? Now let’s get it on paper. Draw a big scoop sitting on top of a crispy, crunchy cone. Do you want more? Sure thing, add another scoop! Or even three! Don’t forget the cherry on top. Ready to bite into your delicious ice cream drawing? Yummy!

Draw Your Imaginary Friend

An illustration of an imaginary friend

Let’s shift gears and spark creativity by diving into our next fun drawing prompt. This is your special buddy! What does your imaginary friend look like? Are they as tall as a giraffe or as small as a mouse?

Do they have cool, vibrant colors, or are they fluffy like a cuddly teddy bear? Maybe they have three eyes or even wings! Your imagination is the limit here. So, get ready to bring your special friend to life on your paper. Let’s see who has the most awesome and fun imaginary friend

Draw Your Favorite Animal in an Amusement Park

An illustration of a monkey

Alrighty, my incredible little artists, it’s time to let your creativity run wild as we jump into our next drawing adventure. In this kids draw activity, we’re blending our love for animals with the excitement of an amusement park!

Think about your most-loved animal - is it a roaring lion, a hopping bunny, or maybe a giggling monkey? Now, imagine them having the time of their life at an amusement park. Are they zooming on a roller coaster or enjoying the view from a giant Ferris wheel? Or maybe they’re munching on cotton candy!

Draw Your Dream House or Hut

An drawing of a dream house

Ready for another adventure, buddies? This time, our art project takes us to dreamland. Yep, we’re going to draw our dream house or hut! Exciting, right? So, let’s close our eyes for a moment and think about our dream home. It could be anything! Maybe it’s a pink castle with tall, tall towers. Or perhaps it’s a treehouse hidden among green, leafy branches. How many windows does it have?

Why not draw chocolate windows? Is there a slide instead of stairs? What about a rainbow roof? Your dream house can be as crazy and colorful as you want!

Draw Your Favorite Food

An illustration of a slice of pizza

My young artists! It’s time to draw something delicious. This next prompt is going to be scrumptious! We’re drawing our favorite foods. That’s right, the food that makes you say “Yum!” every time you think about it.

Maybe it’s a gooey, cheesy slice of pizza with all your favorite toppings, or a juicy, mouth-watering burger loaded with lettuce and tomato. Or perhaps it’s something sweet and crunchy like a shiny red apple! Whatever it is, let’s get it down on paper. Remember, the key to this drawing is to make it as yummy-looking as possible. Ready, set, drool… I mean, draw!

Draw a Birthday Cake with Candles

An drawing of a birthday cake

It’s party time! So, let’s go for a super fun drawing prompt to encourage creativity! Imagine it’s your birthday, a day filled with laughter, gifts, and of course, the yummy birthday cake!

Think about what kind of cake you would want. Is it chocolate, vanilla, or maybe rainbow-colored? Now, let’s sketch that cake on your paper. Can you see it? Great! Don’t forget to add candles for your age. Are you turning 6 or 7? And what about the icing? Is it pink, blue, or maybe covered in rainbow sprinkles? Let’s make it as fancy and fun as possible! After all, it’s your dream birthday cake!

Draw Fish Swimming in Water

An drawing of a fish

Whoa! Here comes another cool drawing prompt! Have you ever watched fish swimming in water? Isn’t it calming? Now, think about your favorite holiday when you saw a fish or maybe you visited an aquarium. Remember how the fish darted around, swimming freely and having a great time. Come on, let’s draw those fishies!

What type of fish are you thinking about? Is it a big, wide-eyed goldfish or a tiny, playful guppy? Or perhaps it’s a whole school of colorful fish, twirling and whirling, creating a beautiful underwater dance. Go ahead, dive in and let’s swim with our pencil fishies!

Draw a Box of Colored Pencils

An illustration of a pencil box

This time, we’re going to celebrate our trusty art supplies. Yep, you guessed it! We’re drawing a box of colored pencils. Isn’t it amazing how each pencil has the power to add splashes of colors to our blank pages? Let’s give them some spotlight! How many pencils are there in your box?

Are there 12, 24, or even more? Draw each one of them, and don’t forget to add all those vibrant colors. You could even challenge yourself to name each color. So, let’s get drawing and appreciate the tools that help us create our masterpieces!

Draw a Simple Train

An drawing of a train

Now, let me share some fun-filled art prompts. Can you guess what we’re going to draw today?

Choo choo! Yes, you got it right! We’re drawing a simple train.

What type of train is it going to be? Is it a bustling passenger train filled with people waving from the windows, or is it a heavy-duty cargo train chugging along and carrying all kinds of fun stuff? You could even draw your train traveling through a beautiful landscape.

Draw Your Favorite Toy

An drawing of a toy

Who’s ready for another exciting adventure in our art projects? This time, we’ll bring something super fun to draw - your favorite toy! That’s right! Is your favorite a squishy, cuddly teddy bear? Or perhaps you love a superhero action figure, with a shiny cape and cool powers. Maybe it’s a shiny toy car that zooms around your room like a race car. Whichever it is, imagine it in your mind, then let your pencils and crayons make it come alive on your paper. Can’t wait to see all your amazing toy drawings!

Draw a T-shirt

An drawing of a star

Ready to get creative with a super easy idea? Our next drawing prompt is…drumroll, please…a T-shirt! Yes, your very own T-shirt design. Think about your favorite color - is it bright red, cool blue, or maybe sunshine yellow? Now imagine your T-shirt in that color. What’s on it? Is it a big, bold smiley face, a splashy star, or maybe your favorite superhero striking a pose? Remember, this is your style statement, so go wild and make it awesome! Grab those pencils and let’s start sketching your designer T-shirt. I can’t wait to see your super cool fashion creations!

Draw a Smiling Sun

An illustration of a sun

Alright, little artists, ready for a burst of happiness? Let’s draw a bright, smiling sun. Think about the happiest, sunniest day you’ve ever seen, and bring that sunshine onto your paper! Draw big, bold rays radiating from the sun’s smiley face. How warm and cheerful does your sun look? Fantastic!

Draw a Tree with Leaves

An drawing of a tree

Our next drawing prompt is to create a fabulous tree. Is it towering and tall or short and sweet? Fill it with loads of leaves! Are they fresh green or are they turning into dazzling fall colors? Let’s make nature proud!

Draw a Happy Cloud

An illustration of a cloud

Float into the sky and draw a happy, fluffy cloud. Is it just sitting there, or is it raining, snowing, or even rainbow-ing?

Draw a Butterfly

An illustration of a butterfly

Alrighty kiddos, grab your brightest colors! Our next drawing prompt is a beautiful butterfly. Let’s let our pencils flutter just like its wings. Are they pink, blue, or maybe a rainbow of colors? Don’t forget to add fun patterns or spots.

Draw a Big Rainbow

An drawing of a rainbow

Time for a color splash! Yes, draw a big, beautiful rainbow. Can you create a masterpiece with all the colors of the rainbow? From radiant red to sunny yellow, to peaceful blue and vibrant purple, let your imagination soar and fill your paper with the magic of colors.

Draw a Slice of Watermelon

An drawing of a watermelon

Time to get refreshed with a juicy drawing prompt! Let’s draw a slice of watermelon. Yummy! Imagine that summer treat in your mind. Now, grab your crayons and draw the red, juicy part. Oh, and don’t forget those black seeds too! Let’s make it look so real that we can almost taste the sweetness. Ready to draw that mouthwatering slice of watermelon?

Draw a Flower

An illustration of a flower

What’s more beautiful, a big, bright sunflower or a delicate rose? Would you like to create your own imaginary flower? It’s up to you! Let your imagination bloom as you sketch your favorite flower or invent a brand new one. Get your pencils ready, and let’s capture the vibrant colors and delicate shapes of nature’s floral wonders on our paper canvas.

Draw a Sailboat on the Water

An illustration of a water

Ahoy, little captains! Get your artistic sails ready for our next exciting drawing prompt. Let’s draw a sailboat on the water. How many sails will your boat have? Will it glide through the sparkling waves under a bright, sunny sky or sail under a beautiful, starry night? Imagine the adventure and let your creativity set sail!

Draw a Moon and Stars

An illustration of a moon and star

Let’s venture into the night sky! Is it a full moon, half moon, or crescent moon? Are the stars twinkling around it? How many stars can you count?

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, young artists! You did an incredible job exploring these fun and easy drawing prompts for kids. Drawing is like a magical journey where your imagination takes the lead. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to create masterpieces. Each stroke of your pencil is a step towards expressing your unique creativity. So keep those pencils flying, my artistic friends, and continue to explore the colorful world of drawing. Whether it’s an ice cream cone, an imaginary friend, or a sailboat on the water, these drawing prompts will always spark your imagination. Keep drawing, create, and let your imagination soar!