A drawing of a space image

Blank sketchbook pages can be intimidating, right? Well, fret not, as I’ve got a treasure trove of drawing ideas just for you. Say goodbye to those dull moments of the artistic block and hello to creativity! Try these 30 fun and easy drawing prompts for beginners to push your imagination.

So grab a pencil, unleash your inner Picasso, and let’s dive into this exciting whirlpool of shapes, lines, and colors. Ready to doodle away to glory? Let’s get started!

The Self-Portrait Challenge:

A drawing of a self portrait

No, no, don’t panic, it’s simpler than it sounds. All you need is a mirror, your artistic tools, and yourself. Just gaze at your reflection and let your pencil trace your features. Focus on the overall shape of your face, your expressive eyes, your unique nose, and that friendly smile!

This drawing idea is not just about creating an image, it’s about knowing yourself better. It’s your chance to take a step further in enhancing your drawing skills.

Are you excited to meet the artist in the mirror?

Drawing Your Version of a Mythical Creature:

A drawing of a creature

Alright, folks, buckle up! Our next stop on this grand artistic voyage is a land of mythical beasts and legends. Who’s up for some fun? This silly drawing prompt is all about letting your imagination run wild.

Imagine your favorite mythical creature, be it a majestic unicorn, a fierce dragon, or something totally zany from your own fantasy world. Now, sketch it out! Don’t get bogged down with intricate details; just focus on its basic form. This is one of those cool drawing ideas that not only spark creativity but also introduce you to some fundamental drawing techniques.

Simple Shapes Drawing Prompts:

A drawing of simple shapes

Isn’t drawing wonderful? Next, let’s look at simple shapes - circles, squares, and triangles. Ah, but don’t be fooled by their simplicity! These humble shapes can transform into anything with a pinch of imagination and a dash of creativity.

Imagine silly drawing prompts: a square house with a triangular roof and a round door. Maybe a cute triangle cat with round eyes and a square nose! You can start with these creative drawing ideas. The key to great drawing skills is to start simple.

Drawing the Same Scene from Different Angles:

A drawing of a room from different angles

Here’s a cool drawing tip to get your creative juices flowing - draw the same scene from different angles! Pick a simple object like a toy or plant and sketch it from three viewpoints. This fun exercise sharpens observation and adds dynamism to your artwork.

Outer Space Drawing Ideas:

A drawing of a spaceship

Dreamed of going to space? Here’s a fun idea - let’s bring the cosmos to our sketchbooks! Try continuous line drawing to create a moon’s craggy surface or a sleek spaceship. Remember, these drawing tips are your rocket fuel, making your art journey fun and effortless. Blast off, artists!

A Figure Drawing Guide for Beginners:

A drawing of a stick figure

Let’s turn your sketchbook into a stick figure playground! Start simple, but dream big. Draw a stick figure, then layer it up. Add muscles, clothes, and bring it to life. These sketchbook ideas are the stepping stones to more complex drawing. From simple to complex, let’s grow together!

Creating Different Pattern Compositions:

An illustration of a pattern

Okay, folks, now it’s time to play around with patterns. Start with simple stripes or dots. Once I mistakenly spilled coffee on my sketchbook, and it inspired me to create a dotted masterpiece! So, mistakes can be artistic too. Then, level up to complex patterns like chevrons or paisleys.

Drawing with an Ink Pen:

An illustration of a bird

How about we shake things up a bit? Grab a black ink pen, and let’s create some magic. Picture a simple scene or object - maybe that cute little bird chirping outside or your morning cup of coffee. Just let your pen dance on the paper!

Sketching a Tree Branch in Detail:

An illustration of a tree branch

Alright, nature lovers, it’s time for an outdoorsy drawing idea. Find a tree branch that catches your eye. Get your pencils out and capture the little details like the bark’s rough texture and the leaves’ intricate patterns. Sharpen those drawing skills and make every stroke count!

Daily Drawing Challenges:

An illustration of an apple

Are you up for a daily doodle dash? Here’s a fun idea: Pick a theme, like fruit, and sketch a different one each day. Or, choose an object and draw it at various times throughout the day. Witness how your drawing skills improve with each passing day.

An Exercise in Observational Skills:

Imagine this: You, a pencil, and an object. Now, close your eyes and let your hand guide the pencil across the paper without peeking. That’s a blind contour drawing for you! I tried it myself, and let me tell you, it’s an adventure for your senses. Without looking at my paper, I captured every curve, every angle, and every imperfection. It’s a quirky exercise, but oh, the improvement it brings to your observational skills is simply mind-blowing!

Cartoon Creations:

An illustration of a cartoon character

Grab your pencils and bring to life a lovable cartoon character. Choose a favorite character from your favorite show or create your own. It’s time to add a dash of whimsy to your drawing skills and make your cartoons come alive on the page!

Zooming In:

An illustration of a cat's eye

I once picked up my sketchbook, spotted my adorable cat napping, and decided to focus on capturing the intricate details of her mesmerizing eye. As I delicately shaded each tiny fur strand and brought out the depth in her gaze, I realized how this exercise not only improved my drawing skills but also deepened my connection with my furry friend. So, why not try it yourself?

Into the Wild:

An illustration of a goldfish

Imagine being surrounded by nature’s wonders as you capture an animal in its natural habitat. Take a look at a beautiful bird perched on a branch or a vibrant fish gracefully swimming in a bowl. Get your pencil, and let’s relive the wild!

Favorite Food Fun:

An illustration of a slice of pizza

Now I’ve got a deliciously fun challenge for you! Let’s indulge in the mouthwatering “Favorite Food Fun”. Imagine yourself with a blank canvas and your favorite food. Whether it’s a cheesy slice of pizza or a juicy fruit, grab your pencils and draw it. Capture the mouthwatering details, the tempting textures, and enjoy every stroke.

Shadow Shapes:

An illustration of a lamp and mug

Let’s play with shadows!

  1. Find a light source, like a lamp or the sun.

  2. Grab a simple object, say a cup or a toy.

  3. Position the object near the light source and observe the shadow it creates.

  4. Take your pencil and draw the shadow outline. Easy peasy, right?

This drawing exercise will sharpen your observation skills and add depth to your artwork. So, grab your objects and let’s dive into intriguing shadow shapes!

Song-Inspired Sketch:

An illustration of a song inspired image

One of my favorite drawing ideas is the Song-Inspired Sketch. When I listen to my go-to tune, it’s like a burst of inspiration takes over. I let the lyrics and emotions wash over me, translating them into strokes and shapes on paper. It’s an incredible way to infuse your art with the energy of music and create something truly unique.

Memory Doodles:

A drawing of a memory

Choose a special event or place from your cherished memories and sketch its key elements. Don’t worry about perfection; let your pencil dance with nostalgia. It’s a beautiful way to capture the moments that matter most and practice those drawing skills.

Emoticon Imitation:

A drawing of an emoticon

Ever wondered how to capture a wide range of emotions on paper? Well, here’s a simple yet super fun solution: the ‘Emoticon Imitation’ challenge! Emotions are like colors in an artist’s palette, constantly shifting and evolving. Inspired by a rollercoaster of feelings I experienced, this drawing idea struck me. Sketch a series of emoticons to represent different emotions and unleash your creativity. As you draw these little expressive icons, let your pencil dance across the page from joy to sadness.

Objects Around You:

An illustration of a bird

Time to embrace the great outdoors, my artistic pals! Grab your sketchbook and venture outside. Let your eyes wander and soak in the beauty of your surroundings, even if it’s just your backyard. Find inspiration in the landscape before you, from the dancing leaves to the chirping birds. Capture the essence of nature with your pencil strokes. Remember, every detail counts! So, step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and let the magic of the world around you ignite your artistic spirit.

A Lettered Design:

An illustration of the letter K

For beginners, here are simple steps to create a decorative design around a chosen letter:

  • Choose a letter from the alphabet.

  • Sketch the letter in the center of your paper.

  • Explore different decorative elements like swirls, flowers, or patterns.

  • Add these elements around the letter, filling the space creatively.

  • Experiment with colors and shading to make your design pop.

Voila! You’ve created a beautiful lettered design.

Fingerprints Art:

An illustration of a fingerprint

Taking my ink pad, I start creating a series of unique fingerprints. But wait, there’s a twist! Each fingerprint is about to transform into a charming animal or a quirky character. As I add tiny ears, tails, and expressive features, these little prints come alive with their own personalities. With every stroke, I’m leaving my mark on this whimsical world of art.

Comic Strip Creation:

An illustration of a comic strip

Are you ready for the delightful “Comic Strip” challenge? Start by dividing your paper into three frames. Then, think of a funny scenario and sketch it out in each frame. Keep it simple and focus on expressing the humor through visuals and speech bubbles. Don’t worry about being a professional; this is all about having fun and exploring your creativity. Let the laughter-filled adventure begin!

Childhood Toy:

An illustration of a childhood bear

Remember that worn-out teddy bear with its patchwork belly or that action figure with the cape that made you feel invincible? Take your sketchbook and bring those cherished playthings back to life with your artistic skills. Let the crayons dance and the colored pencils sing as you capture the magic and joy of those treasured childhood moments.

Polka Dot Art:

An illustration of polka dot patterns

You’ve got to love polka dots, so let’s get dotty! Here’s a fun drawing idea to use polka dots to create beautiful images and patterns! Try different shapes, colors, and spacing with markers, pens, or even acrylic paint! You can also use things like Q-tips, cotton swabs, or paintbrushes to make these cute dots.

Weather Report:

An illustration of the beach

Draw a sunny day at the beach, with palm trees swaying in the breeze. Imagine a stormy night, where raindrops and lightning illuminate the sky, or a snowy wonderland with snowflakes gently falling. Draw a vibrant rainbow after a rainy day.

Celebrity Caricature:

Time to have some celebrity fun! Pick someone you admire - like Charlie Chaplin or Audrey Hepburn - and unleash your wit as we dive into celebrity caricatures. You don’t need to be too precise, just capture their unique features with a playful spin. You don’t have to be accurate, just exaggerate those traits to make it funny.

Pet Portrait:

An illustration of a dog

How about making a pet portrait if you’ve got a pet? But don’t worry if you don’t! Pick an animal you’d love to have and bring it to life with your artistic skills! Let your pencil strokes dance and recreate their soulful eyes, their fluffy fur, and their playful spirit.

Fashionista Fun:

An illustration of clothes on the bed

I remember the time when I grabbed my sketchbook and played designer for a day. I sketched a trendy t-shirt, paired it with fashionable jeans, and completed the look with a fabulous pair of shoes. It was like creating my own fashion masterpiece on paper!

Make your creative runway your own style by sketching your very own stylish outfit. It’s time to unleash your inner fashionista!

Practice Makes Perfect:

Here’s the golden rule: practice makes perfect. Embrace the power of consistency by using the aforementioned prompts as your daily drawing companions. Remember, it’s not about perfection but rather about the journey. Focus on the process, and watch as your skills blossom and grow.


And there you have it, my artistic adventurers! We’ve taken a journey of creativity, imagination, and self-expression with these 30 drawing prompts. With each stroke of the pencil, we’ve discovered new ways to capture emotions, explore nature, and bring our favorite characters to life.

Embrace the process and enjoy every moment, not perfection. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. Now, what masterpiece will you create next?


What should a beginner start drawing?

Start with simple shapes and objects to build foundational skills.

How to do a 30-day art challenge?

Choose a theme or subject, commit to creating one artwork daily for 30 days, and share your progress.

What easy thing should I draw?

Draw a flower or a cupcake. Here are 10 more super easy things you can draw:

  1. Sun

  2. Balloon

  3. Cloud

  4. Heart

  5. Ice cream cone

  6. Butterfly

  7. Star

  8. Fish

  9. Tree

  10. Smiley face

These simple subjects are perfect for beginners and will help you practice your drawing skills. Have fun creating!

What random things should I draw?

It could be anything. You can draw a stapler, a seashell, a bicycle, or a feather.