A drawing of a Cybertruck and a car

Are you feeling stuck in a creative rut? Or, if you are looking for a fun and relaxing activity, why not try out some drawing prompts?

Drawing is a great way to exercise the imagination, take a break from screens, and tap into your artistic side. With the help of a prompt, you can let your creativity run wild and create a truly unique and interesting drawing idea.

Let me share the 11 best random drawing prompts sure to spark your imagination and inspire you to put pencil to paper (or Apple Pencil to iPad).

So grab your favorite drawing tools, and let’s get started!

The Power of Drawing Prompts to Spark Creativity

A drawing of a lightbulb

Drawing has numerous benefits for both the mind and the body. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and concentration, and improve fine motor skills. It also expresses oneself and taps into one’s creative side.

Drawing prompts are a useful tool for jumpstarting the creative process, especially when feeling stuck or uninspired. By providing a specific theme or topic to draw, prompts help to narrow the focus and provide a starting point for the imagination to take over.

Whether a self-portrait, a still life, or an abstract image, prompts offer a fun and easy way to get the creative wheels turning. In addition, learning to draw something can boost self-esteem and confidence.

So why not give them a try and see what kind of amazing drawings you can come up with?

Drawing and Art Prompt Generator Apps

As an artist, I know firsthand the struggles of trying to come up with new drawing ideas. Sometimes my mind is too cluttered, or my inspiration has run dry.

This is why I created Fresh Prompts and our daily drawing prompt generator. This handy little tool sends daily drawing prompts by email with simple drawing ideas without lifting a finger, making it easy to find something new to draw every time.

There are many other drawing prompt generator apps out there, but I found them outdated and clumsy to use. The best drawing idea generator interface is no interface, right?

Some of the drawing prompts I’ve received have been a little wacky, like “draw a giant potato wearing a tutu” or “create a portrait of a mythical creature,” but that’s part of the fun way. It’s a great way to let go of any inhibitions and just have a good time with my art. ;)

If you want cool drawing ideas, I highly recommend giving our daily art generator app a try.

Or simply check out my other article on finding daily sketch ideas.

11 Creative Drawing Prompts

Number Drawing Prompts

A drawing of a lightbulb

Here’s my list of 10 number-drawing prompts to get you started:

  1. Draw “1” in as many creative ways as you can think of.

  2. Illustrate a scene featuring “2” in a prominent way.

  3. Create a still life featuring three things, each related to the number “3” in some way.

  4. Draw “4” using only straight lines.

  5. Illustrate a scene featuring “5” in a hidden or subtle way.

  6. Create a series of drawings featuring “6” in different fonts or styles.

  7. Draw “7” using only circles.

  8. Illustrate a day scene featuring “8” in an abstract or surreal way.

  9. Create a still life featuring nine objects, each related to “9” in some way.

  10. Draw “10” using only squares.

A Self-Portrait Drawing Prompt

A self-portrait drawing

One of the very first drawings I was proud of came in my eleventh-grade art class. I barely had any drawing skills. My art teacher had us take a photo of ourselves and create a miniature grid.

I then transferred the grid to a larger artboard, giving me some useful constraints when trying to draw a larger version of the photo. It wasn’t the best, but I found it an interesting exercise to try and draw my own face, even not knowing exactly how to draw portraits.

Drawing a self-portrait is a great way to practice creative thinking and rendering facial features and expressions. It’s also much easier than drawing a group pose. It can also be a fun exercise in self-exploration and self-expression. I personally enjoy trying out different styles and techniques when drawing my own portrait, from loose and expressive to highly detailed and realistic.

Landscape or Cityscape Prompt Ideas

A landscape drawing

This prompt allows for endless possibilities, from sweeping vistas of mountain ranges or oceans to bustling city streets. I love the challenge of capturing the mood and atmosphere of a particular place through my drawing.

An illustration of a home

If you’re drawing cityscapes or streets, using a 2-point perspective can help you draw something quickly.

Landscapes are all around us, so there are plenty of cool drawing ideas that can surface from just looking out your window.

And remember, two-point perspectives give you a new perspective. :)

A Still Life of Objects found Around the House

A still-life drawing of a bowl of fruit

This prompt is perfect for practicing observation and rendering skills. I like to set up a small still life on a tabletop and experiment with different lighting conditions and compositions.

I’ve also set up a scene and placed things like a magnifying glass on a table and let the natural light hit it in a way that makes it aesthetically pleasing.

A Favorite Animal

A butterfly drawing

Drawing animals can be a fun and rewarding experience, whether it’s a realistic portrayal or a more stylized interpretation. These drawing prompts help inspire me to draw cats and dogs, as they have unique and expressive features.

A Character or Scene from a Favorite Book or Movie

A drawing of Winnie-the-Pooh

This prompt pays tribute to a beloved story or character. I’ve had fun drawing scenes from my favorite movies and books, trying to capture the mood and atmosphere of the story.

An Abstract or Surreal Image

An abstract drawing image

This prompt is a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild and create something unique and original. I love the freedom and nurturing creativity that abstract and surreal drawings allow for.

Using an abstract scene is also perfect for background images, since they can be drawn quickly and cover a lot of area.

It’s also helpful when you have creative block and need an easy drawing prompt to get your mind to spark creativity.

A Portrait of a Loved One

A self portrait of a woman

Drawing prompts of people can be difficult, but it can be a meaningful and personal experience. It can even be more satisfying than drawing cute doodles. I’ve had fun drawing portraits of friends and family, trying to capture their personalities and expressions through my art.

A Depiction of a Dream or Memory

A drawing of a dream

This prompt is a great way to tap into the subconscious and explore our innermost thoughts and feelings. I’ve found it fascinating to try and recreate the images and emotions from my dreams and memories through my drawings.

A Reimagining of a Famous Artwork

An image of the Mona Lisa in a crowd of people

This art prompt allows for the opportunity to pay tribute to a classic artwork while also putting your own spin on it. I’ve had fun taking famous paintings or sculptures and giving them a modern or personal twist through my own drawings.

Trying to recreate a piece of art that is aesthetically unique is a fun experiment to try and push yourself.

An Object or Scene from Nature

A scene of palm trees through a window

This prompt is a great way to challenge your observational skills and think outside the box. I created familiar objects or scenes from nature but tried to depict them from a unique or unexpected angle.


A patten of random drawing prompts

I find that daily drawing prompts lead to better-drawing ideas. They’re a great way to spark the imagination and get the creative juices flowing. Get out that drawing pad and set aside time for creativity and self-expression through art.

Whether you’re drawing an ice cream cone, a beach chair, or a cat chasing a ball of yarn, you’re going to get better with each pencil line.

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget to take time for ourselves. However, making digital art, whether drawing, painting, or any other medium, is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress, and reconnect with our inner selves.

So don’t be afraid to set aside some time for daily art-making and see what magic it can bring into your life.

Happy creating!


What kind of tools do you sketch with?

I love the ability to create digital art quickly. So I usually use an iPad for creating my illustrations based on my art prompts.

I also do quite a bit of remixing for my own digital art, so I might even pull in images and trace over them, creating something new in the meantime. But feel free to grab a blank sheet of paper if that’s easiest!

How do I create a daily drawing routine?

I draw first thing in the morning if I’m not journaling. I suggest you have drawing prompts ready so you can create art first thing in the morning. This is when new ideas surface most quickly.

If you haven’t yet, sign up for our free art prompt generator that sends you daily drawing prompts every morning!

What are some random drawing prompts using AI?

I use Midjourney for some of my own prompt ideas. It acts as my imaginary friend, helping me take random words and get back something beautiful.

Here’s a couple of simple AI art prompts that I like to use:

  1. Hand drawn [object], black and white pencil sketch

  2. [object], comic book illustration, remove background

What’s the difference between an art prompt and a drawing prompt?

An art prompt is typically a broader term that can encompass any form of art creation. This includes drawing, painting, digital art, sculpture, and even non-visual arts like writing or music composition. Art prompts are also designed to inspire creativity across different media and are not limited to pen and paper.

A drawing prompt is specifically tailored for drawing. This means the focus is on creating images with tools like pencils, pens, markers, or digital drawing devices.

But you can use our drawing prompt generator as an art prompt generator! Simply use our daily email for your art prompt, and use it for anything besides drawing. You’ll find that our easy drawing ideas will help remove any creative block you had to begin with.