Steve Jobs

It’s not easy to come up with new and interesting drawing ideas for adults that don’t involve cartoons or children’s prompts.

I’ve gathered a year’s worth of drawing prompts that include categories like scenes from cinematic films, famous landmarks, historical figures, celebrities, and more.

Even if your drawing skills might not be ready, that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired and start practice drawing with a list like this.

But, if this feels like a lot to wade through, then check out our drawing prompt generator sent by email every morning.

Here’s what you can find in this massive list of drawing prompts:

  • 50 Drawing Ideas of People

  • 30 Still Life Drawing Ideas

  • 25 Drawing Ideas from Popular Movie Scenes

  • 50 Transportation Drawing Ideas

  • 50 Best Landmark Drawing Ideas

  • 75 Drawing Ideas of Technology Devices

  • 88 Easy Drawing Ideas of Everyday Objects

  • 50 Extinct Animals

  • 6 Sports Drawing Ideas

50 drawing ideas of people

Drawing characters is a step above cartoons, but it’s a great way to enjoy the process much more when you draw something you admire.

1. Leonardo da Vinci

Create a portrait of the legendary Renaissance artist and inventor.

Leonardo Da Vinci

2. Albert Einstein

Draw a caricature or a detailed portrait of the famous physicist.

Albert Einstein

3. Frida Kahlo

Capture the iconic Mexican painter with her distinctive style.

Frida Kahlo

4. Marilyn Monroe:

Create a classic portrait drawing of the Hollywood icon.

Marilyn Monroe

5. Winston Churchill

Illustrate and demonstrate your drawing skills by drawing the British Prime Minister during World War II.

6. Nelson Mandela

Pay tribute to the anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa.

7. Oprah Winfrey

Create a portrait of the influential media mogul.

8. Abraham Lincoln

Draw the 16th President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln

9. Audrey Hepburn

Capture the elegance of the beloved actress.

10. Vincent van Gogh

Create an artwork inspired by the famous post-impressionist painter.

11. Michael Jackson

Illustrate the King of Pop in one of his iconic poses.

12. Amelia Earhart

Pay tribute to the pioneering aviator.

13. John F. Kennedy

Draw the 35th President of the United States.

14. Muhammad Ali

Create a dynamic portrait of the legendary boxer.

15. Mother Teresa

Pay homage to the Nobel Peace Prize-winning humanitarian.

16. Pablo Picasso

Capture the essence of the renowned cubist artist.

Pablo Picasso

17. Queen Elizabeth II

Create a regal portrait of the British monarch.

18. Steve Jobs

Illustrate the co-founder of Apple Inc. and tech visionary.

Steve Jobs

19. Marie Curie

Pay tribute to the pioneering physicist and chemist with a portrait drawing.

20. Prince

Create a vibrant artwork inspired by the iconic musician.

21. William Shakespeare

Draw a portrait of the legendary playwright and poet.

22. Elvis Presley

Capture the essence of the King of Rock and Roll is a great drawing idea.

Elvis Presley

23. Coco Chanel

Illustrate the influential fashion designer.

24. Mahatma Gandhi

Pay tribute to the leader of India’s non-violent independence movement.

25. Charlie Chaplin

Create a black and white caricature of the silent film legend.

26. Rosa Parks

Draw the civil rights activist who sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

27. Salvador Dalí

Capture the eccentricity of the surrealist artist.

28. Malala Yousafzai

Pay homage to the young activist for girls’ education and Nobel laureate with a figure drawing.

29. Martin Luther King Jr.

Create a powerful portrait of the civil rights leader.

30. Leon Trotsky

Illustrate the Russian revolutionary and political theorist.

31. Adele

Practice drawing with a detailed portrait of the Grammy-winning singer.

32. Leonardo DiCaprio

Capture the actor known for his versatile roles.

33. Albert Camus

Illustrate the influential French philosopher and writer.

34. Audrey Hepburn

Pay tribute to a family member or friend with a personalized figure drawing portrait.

35. Grandparents

Create a heartwarming portrait drawing of your grandparents which makes for an interesting subject.

36. Children

Draw a playful and joyful portrait of a child.

Children playing

37. Parents

Illustrate a candid moment featuring your parents.

38. Siblings

Create a unique artwork celebrating your relationship with your siblings.

39. Best Friend

Pay tribute to your closest friend with a personalized portrait.

40. Self-Portrait

Challenge yourself by creating a detailed self-portrait.

41. Wedding Day

Capture a cherished moment from your wedding day.

42. Graduation

Illustrate a proud graduate in their cap and gown.

43. Family Reunion

Create a group portrait of a memorable family reunion.

44. Childhood Memory

Draw a scene from a fond childhood memory. Maybe even try a blind contour drawing?

45. Holiday Gathering

Illustrate this drawing idea by creating a festive moment from a holiday celebration.

46. Prom Night

Capture the glamour and excitement of prom night.

47. Iconic Celebrity

Choose your favorite celebrity and create a striking portrait.

48. Historical Figure

Pick a lesser-known historical figure and draw their portrait.

49. Contemporary Hero

Pay tribute to a modern-day hero or role model.

50. Dream Self-Portrait

Create an imaginative and surreal self-portrait that represents your aspirations.

30 Still life drawing ideas

51. Ornate Tea Set

A fine porcelain tea set with intricate designs, including a teapot, cups, and saucers.

Ornate Tea

52. Clay Pottery

Handmade clay pots or vases emphasize their curves and glaze.

Clay pottery

53. Box of Assorted Chocolates

An open box revealing chocolates of various shapes, sizes, and fillings.

54. Set of Vintage Luggage

Old suitcases stacked atop each other, showcasing leather straps and worn labels.

55. Glistening Snow Globe

A detailed snow globe with a wintry scene inside, capturing the flurry of snow.

56. Wicker Basket of Fresh Flowers

Roses, daisies, and tulips arranged in a woven basket.

57. Sundial

An ancient method of time-telling, emphasizing the carved numbers and shadow.


58. Decorative Mask

An ornate mask from a masquerade or a cultural event, highlighting feathers, beads, or painted designs.

59. Collection of Wine Bottles

Bottles with labels from various vineyards and years, perhaps with a corkscrew nearby.

60. Freshly Spun Yarn

This drawing idea is a ball of colorful yarn with knitting needles or crochet hooks.

61. Set of Old World Globes

Vintage globes on wooden stands, showcasing continents and ocean routes.

62. Freshly Baked Croissants

Golden brown croissants on a wooden board, possibly with butter or jam on the side.

63. Gilded Picture Frame

An ornate gold frame, maybe showcasing a vintage portrait or empty to emphasize its design.

64. Set of Playing Cards

Cards scattered or arranged in hands, possibly showcasing a winning poker set or a game of solitaire.

65. Porcelain Doll

An antique doll with detailed clothing, hair, and facial features.

66. Vintage Bicycle

A classic bike, emphasizing its curved handlebars, basket, or worn leather seat.

67. Fresh Herbs in Pots

Basil, mint, and rosemary in terracotta pots, showcasing greenery and soil.

68. Classic Typewritten Letter

A letter with typewritten text, possibly with an old typewriter in the background.

69. Decorative Fans

Hand fans with painted designs or intricate lace, displayed open or closed.

70. Salt and Pepper Grinders

Elegant grinders, emphasizing the contrasting colors of the contents. These are great still life, and fun drawing ideas.

71. Ceramic Animal Figurines

Tiny sculptures of animals, focusing on their postures and painted details.

72. Rustic Breadboard

A wooden board with slices of different breads, butter, and a knife.

73. Collection of Quills

Feathered quills of various colors, perhaps displayed in an inkpot.

74. Stained Glass Window

A colorful window pane, showcasing the play of light through different tinted glasses.

75. Fruit Tart

A dessert with a buttery crust filled with cream and topped with slices of various fruits.

76. Elegant Pocket Knife

Here’s a simple drawing idea: A closed or open pocket knife, emphasizing its handle design and sharp blade.

Elegant Pocket Knife

77. Handheld Mirror

A vintage mirror with an ornate handle, reflecting its surroundings.

78. Mason Jar of Pickles

A clear jar filled with pickled cucumbers or other veggies, showing bubbles and brine.

79. Fresh Fish on Ice

Fish with gleaming scales, arranged on a bed of ice, ready for market.

80. Patchwork Quilt

A colorful quilt, highlighting different fabric patterns and stitches.

25 Drawing Ideas From Popular Movie Scenes

Here are some cool drawing ideas pulled directly from your favorite cinematic movies.

81. The Royal Tenenbaums - The Red Tracksuit

Illustrate Richie Tenenbaum, donning his signature headband and red tracksuit, against the backdrop of their eccentric house.

The Royal Tenenbaums

82. Casablanca - Farewell at the Airfield

Capture the tension and emotion as Rick says goodbye to Ilsa in the fog, with the aircraft in the background.


83. Titanic - “I’m Flying” Scene

Jack holds Rose at the ship’s bow, both arms outstretched, capturing their exhilaration and the vast ocean behind.

84. The Shining - The Twins in the Hallway

Portray the chilling image of the Grady twins holding hands in the long, eerie hallway of the Overlook Hotel.

The Shining

85. The Sound of Music - Hilltop Scene

Illustrate Maria, arms outstretched, singing and twirling against the majestic backdrop of the Austrian Alps.

86. Pulp Fiction - Dance at Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Showcase Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace in their iconic twist dance, capturing the retro setting and their cool expressions.

Pulp Fiction

87. The Breakfast Club - Library Dance Sequence

Depict the group letting loose and dancing in the library, symbolizing their breaking of social barriers.

The Breakfast Club

88. E.T. - Flying Across the Moon

Capture the magical moment when E.T. and Elliot fly on the bicycle, silhouetted against the full moon.

89. La La Land - Observatory Dance Scene

Illustrate Mia and Sebastian floating and dancing among the stars inside the Griffith Observatory.

90. The Godfather - Horse’s Head Scene

While gruesome, it’s an iconic scene. Depict the shock of waking up to find the head of a prized horse in bed.

91. Gone with the Wind - Silhouette Against the Sunset

Showcase Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler’s silhouettes against the fiery orange and red hues of the setting sun.

92. Forrest Gump - Bench at the Park

Illustrate Forrest sitting on the Savannah bench, with his box of chocolates, recounting his life’s adventures to passersby.

Forrest Gump

93. Jurassic Park - T-Rex Encounter

Depict the suspenseful scene where the T-Rex approaches the flipped car, with rain pouring and children trapped inside.

94. Star Wars: A New Hope - Twin Suns of Tatooine

Illustrate young Luke Skywalker gazing at the horizon as the twin suns set, symbolizing the beginning of his journey.

95. Inception - Paris Bending Scene

Capture the mind-bending moment when Ariadne manipulates the dream, causing the city streets of Paris to fold onto themselves.

96. The Matrix - Bullet Dodge

Show Neo in his iconic backward lean, dodging bullets in slow motion, with the ripple effects surrounding him.

The Matrix

97. Dirty Dancing - The Lift in the Water

Illustrate Johnny lifting Baby in the water, practicing their dance move against the serene lake backdrop.

98. The Shawshank Redemption - Escape through the Tunnel

Depict Andy’s silhouette emerging from the sewage tunnel to freedom, with lightning streaking the sky.

99. Wizard of Oz - Yellow Brick Road

Illustrate Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion embarking on their journey, with the Emerald City in the distance.

100. Amélie - Skipping Stones at Canal Saint-Martin

Capture Amélie in her whimsical world, peacefully skipping stones on the serene waters of the canal.

101. Spirited Away - Train Ride Across the Water

Illustrate the haunting and beautiful scene where Chihiro rides the train across the flooded landscape, spirits dotting the seats.

102. Fight Club - Soap Making

Depict the raw and gritty scene of Tyler Durden making soap, hinting at the darker undertones of the act.

103. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Hotel Facade

Illustrate the grandeur and pastel beauty of the hotel against the snowy mountain backdrop, with characters bustling around.

104. Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Window Shopping

Capture Holly Golightly, coffee in hand, longingly gazing at the Tiffany’s window display in the early morning.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

105. Psycho - Bates Motel Sign

Illustrate the ominous sign of the Bates Motel under a stormy sky, perhaps with the silhouette of the house on the hill behind.

Bates Motel

50 transportation drawing ideas

Transportation drawings

106. Vintage Steam Train

Illustrate a classic locomotive with billowing steam, detailing the intricate machinery and elegant carriages.

107. Hot Air Balloon

Showcase a colorful balloon floating serenely against a backdrop of clouds or a sunrise, emphasizing its curved shape and patterns.

Hot air balloon

108. Classic Convertible

Capture a vintage convertible, top down, highlighting its sleek lines and gleaming chrome details.

109. Cargo Ship

Depict a massive vessel transporting containers, emphasizing the scale and the vastness of the sea around it.

110. Bicycle Built for Two

Illustrate a tandem bicycle, detailing the gears, seats, and shared pedaling experience. The key is to use straight lines for the frame.

111. Modern Bullet Train

Showcase the aerodynamic design of a contemporary high-speed train rushing along the tracks.

112. Rustic Horse-Drawn Carriage

Illustrate a classic carriage being pulled by a horse, detailing the wooden wheels and harnesses.

113. Tractor on a Field

Capture a tractor plowing or sowing a field, emphasizing the churned soil and birds flying around.

114. Vintage Propeller Airplane

Showcase an old-world aircraft with spinning propellers, perhaps with pilot goggles and scarves flapping in the wind.

Vintage Propeller Airplane

115. Glider Soaring the Sky

Depict a lightweight glider against the vast blue, focusing on its wings and the tranquility of flight.

116. Classic Vespa Scooter

Illustrate this iconic Italian scooter, emphasizing its curved design and perhaps showcasing a European city backdrop.

117. Space Shuttle Launch

Capture the power and awe of a shuttle launch, with roaring flames and billowing smoke.

118. Horseback Rider

Show a person atop a galloping horse, detailing the horse’s muscles and flowing mane.

119. Modern Electric Car

Highlight the sleek and eco-friendly design of a current electric vehicle, possibly with a charging station in the background.

Modern Electric Car

120. Double-decker Bus

Showcase the iconic red London bus, detailing its tall structure, passengers, and city surroundings.

121. Tuk-tuk in Busy Traffic

Illustrate this common Asian transport zipping through bustling streets, maybe with vibrant market scenes in the backdrop.

122. Sailing Yacht on Calm Waters

Capture a yacht with sails full of wind, emphasizing the reflection on the water and the serenity of sailing.

123. Subway Train Emerging from Tunnel

Show the intensity of an underground train coming out into the daylight, detailing the contrast of dark and light.

124. Military Tank in a Field

Illustrate the robustness and power of a tank, emphasizing its tracks and armored body.

125. Rickshaw Puller

Depict a human-powered rickshaw with passengers, capturing the energy and hustle of the puller.

126. Cable Car Over Mountainous Terrain

Showcase a cable car against a backdrop of snowy peaks, focusing on the cables and the panoramic views from the car.

127. Vintage Fire Engine

Illustrate an old-fashioned fire truck with ladders, hoses, and a shining bell.

128. Air Traffic Control Tower

Capture the structure overseeing a busy airport, with planes taking off and landing in the background.

129. Zeppelin Floating in the Sky

Depict this early 20th-century aircraft, showcasing its elongated body and gondola below.

130. Hovercraft on the Water

Illustrate a hovercraft skimming over water, detailing its fan and cushion of air.


131. Snowmobile in a Winter Landscape

Capture a snowmobile speeding across a snowy plain, with snow particles flying around.

132. Drone in Flight

Show a modern drone hovering with a camera, capturing the four rotors and perhaps the landscape below.

133. Skateboarder in Action

Illustrate a skateboarder performing a trick, detailing the board’s design and the skater’s posture.

134. Formula 1 Racing Car

Depict a high-speed race car on a track, emphasizing its aerodynamic shape and racing number.

135. Unicycle Performer

Show a performer balancing on a unicycle, maybe juggling or performing other tricks.

136. Kayaker Navigating Rapids

Illustrate a kayaker amidst tumultuous waters, detailing the splash of water and intensity of navigating.

137. Rocket Ship in Outer Space

Capture a rocket journeying in space, with stars, planets, and the vastness of the universe around it.

138. Segway Tour

Show tourists on Segways exploring a city, focusing on the balance and modern design of the transport.

139. Ambulance in a Hurry

Illustrate an ambulance with sirens and lights, emphasizing its urgency and importance.

140. Helicopter Over a Cityscape

Depict a chopper against a city skyline, detailing the rotors’ motion and the city’s tall buildings.

141. Monorail Above a Futuristic City

Showcase a monorail system above a modern city. If your drawing skills aren’t quite here yet, it’s ok! Emphasize the single track and advanced architecture below.

142. Classic Wooden Canoe

Capture a canoe on a serene lake, detailing its wooden texture and perhaps a paddler inside.

Wooden Canoe

143. Camel Caravan in the Desert

Illustrate a line of camels carrying goods, with vast sand dunes and a blazing sun in the background.

144. Limo with Red Carpet Arrival

Depict a stretched limousine with celebrities stepping out on a red carpet, capturing the glitz and paparazzi.

145. Construction Crane in the City

Illustrate a tall crane against a city backdrop, emphasizing its structure and the building it’s working on.

146. Motorcycle on a Highway

Capture a biker speeding down an open road, detailing the chrome and leather of the motorcycle.

147. Ferry Boat on the Horizon

Show a ferry carrying cars and passengers, with the vastness of the water and the distant shore in sight.

148. Hang Glider Over Mountains

Depict someone hang gliding, soaring like a bird with mountain peaks below.

149. Dog Sled in the Arctic

Illustrate a team of huskies pulling a sled, with snowy plains and perhaps the Northern Lights above.

150. Traditional Rowboat

Capture a rowboat on a calm pond, detailing the oars’ motion and the tranquility of the water.

151. Bulldozer at a Construction Site

Illustrate a powerful bulldozer pushing dirt, emphasizing its tracks and the raw power of construction.

152. Parachutist Descending

Depict the thrill of a skydiver, with the parachute fully open and the world below.

153. Ancient Egyptian Chariot

Showcase a historic chariot with warriors, detailing the horses and ancient armor.

154. Sports Car at a Showcase

Illustrate a modern sports car with gleaming paint and elegant design, perhaps with an audience admiring it.

155. Windsurfer Catching a Wave

Capture a windsurfer riding a wave, detailing the board, sail, and the energy of the ocean.

50 Best Landmark Drawing Ideas


156. Taj Mahal - Agra, India

Illustrate the iconic white marble mausoleum reflecting in the Yamuna River, capturing its intricate designs and symmetrical beauty.

157. Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, USA

Depict the iconic orange suspension bridge against a backdrop of the San Francisco Bay, possibly with a layer of mist below.

Golden Gate bridge

158. Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Show the towering iron structure, perhaps with lovers sitting on the Champ de Mars or a sunset backdrop.

Eiffel Tower

159. Pyramids of Giza - Egypt

Capture the ancient pyramids, possibly with camels in the foreground, emphasizing their historic aura and the vast desert landscape.

Pyramids of Giza

160. Great Wall of China - China

Illustrate the winding wall snaking over mountain ridges, depicting its vast scale and historic significance.

161. Machu Picchu - Peru

Showcase the ancient Incan city set high in the Andes, emphasizing its terraces and the dramatic mountainous backdrop.

162. Christ the Redeemer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Capture the massive statue of Christ overlooking the city, with Sugarloaf Mountain and beaches in the distance.

163. Colosseum - Rome, Italy

Illustrate the grand amphitheater, detailing its arches and the aura of ancient gladiator battles.

164. Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia

Showcase the modern architectural marvel with its iconic shell structures against the backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

165. Statue of Liberty - New York, USA

Depict Lady Liberty holding her torch high, possibly with the New York skyline or boats in the harbor below.

166. Petra - Jordan

Illustrate the ancient city’s entrance, Al-Khazneh, carved into the rose-red cliffs, capturing its archaeological beauty.

167. Acropolis - Athens, Greece

Show the historic citadel on a hill, detailing the Parthenon and other ancient structures with the city of Athens in the background.

168. Moai Statues - Easter Island, Chile

Capture the mysterious stone statues gazing inland, emphasizing their large size and the island’s isolation.

169. Angkor Wat - Cambodia

Illustrate the world’s largest religious monument, detailing its intricate carvings and reflecting pools.

170. Mount Rushmore - South Dakota, USA

Show the colossal carved faces of US presidents, emphasizing the scale and the surrounding Black Hills.

171. Burj Khalifa - Dubai, UAE

Depict the soaring skyscraper, capturing its modern architecture and perhaps the Dubai Fountain show below.

172. The Louvre - Paris, France

Illustrate the historic museum with its glass pyramid entrance, possibly with visitors and the Seine River in the background.

173. Neuschwanstein Castle - Bavaria, Germany

Capture the fairytale castle set amidst the Bavarian Alps, emphasizing its towers and picturesque surroundings.

174. The Matterhorn - Switzerland/Italy

Showcase the iconic Alpine mountain, perhaps with climbers or a serene snowy landscape.

175. Sistine Chapel - Vatican City

Illustrate the interior of the chapel, capturing Michelangelo’s renowned ceiling frescoes and the reverence of the space.

176. Saint Basil’s Cathedral - Moscow, Russia

Depict the colorful onion domes and unique architecture of this iconic cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square.

177. Niagara Falls - USA/Canada

Show the majestic waterfalls, capturing the mist, rainbows, and perhaps the Maid of the Mist boat below.

178. Chichen Itza - Yucatán, Mexico

Illustrate the ancient Mayan pyramid, detailing its steps and the shadow of the serpent during equinox.

179. The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Italy

Capture the iconic tilt of the tower, perhaps with tourists posing to “hold it up.”

180. Ngorongoro Crater - Tanzania

Depict the vast natural crater, showcasing its wildlife and unique ecosystem.

181. The Grand Canyon - Arizona, USA

Illustrate the vastness and layered colors of this natural wonder, emphasizing its scale and the Colorado River below.

182. The Parthenon - Athens, Greece

Show the ancient temple dedicated to Athena, detailing its Doric columns and historic significance.

183. Space Needle - Seattle, USA

Capture the modern tower against the Seattle skyline, perhaps with Mt. Rainier in the distance.

Space Needle

184. The Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey

Illustrate the historic structure transitioning from a cathedral to a mosque to a museum, showcasing its domes and minarets.

185. Victoria Falls - Zambia/Zimbabwe

Depict the breathtaking waterfall, emphasizing the cascading water and misty atmosphere.

186. Brandenburg Gate - Berlin, Germany

Don’t get down if your drawing skills if you can’t nail this one, but show the neoclassical gate, a symbol of unity and peace, possibly with Berlin’s bustling streets in the background.

187. The Little Mermaid Statue - Copenhagen, Denmark

Illustrate the famous bronze statue sitting on a rock, capturing the calm waters and perhaps some curious onlookers.

Little Mermaid Statue

188. The Gherkin - London, UK

Depict the modern architectural wonder amidst the historic London skyline, showcasing its unique design. Try this using 2-point perspective!

189. Mont Saint-Michel - Normandy, France

Show the medieval abbey on the island, detailing its spires, stout defensive walls, and the surrounding tidal bay.

190. The CN Tower - Toronto, Canada

An interesting drawing idea is to capture the towering structure with its revolving restaurant, possibly with Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline below.

191. The Forbidden City - Beijing, China

Illustrate the historic palace complex, showcasing its golden rooftops and vast courtyards.

192. Santorini - Greece

Depict the iconic white and blue buildings of the island against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea, capturing its charm and beauty.

193. The Uffizi Gallery - Florence, Italy

Illustrate the historic art museum, detailing its long corridors and the Arno River flowing nearby.

194. Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa

Capture the flat-topped mountain with the city below, emphasizing its iconic silhouette and the surrounding landscape.

195. Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh, Scotland

Show the historic fortress atop Castle Rock, detailing its old walls and the city’s backdrop.

196. Bagan Temples - Myanmar

Illustrate the vast landscape dotted with ancient pagodas and temples, perhaps with hot air balloons floating above.

197. Tokyo Tower - Tokyo, Japan

Depict the iconic red and white tower, possibly with cherry blossoms in the foreground and the cityscape below.

198. The Alhambra - Granada, Spain

Capture the medieval fortress and palace, detailing its Moorish architecture and reflecting pools.

199. The Great Ocean Road - Victoria, Australia

Show the scenic coastal road, emphasizing the Twelve Apostles rock formations and the vast Southern Ocean is a cool background idea to draw.

200. Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica

Illustrate the active volcano, capturing its symmetrical shape and possibly some smoke emanating from its crater.

201. Old Town of Dubrovnik - Croatia

Depict the historic walled city on the Adriatic Sea, showcasing its fortresses and orange-topped roofs.

202. Palace of Westminster - London, UK

Illustrate the home of the UK Parliament, detailing the iconic Big Ben clock tower and the River Thames.

203. Zion National Park - Utah, USA

Capture the majestic red cliffs and canyons, showcasing the park’s diverse landscape and perhaps some wildlife.

204. The Colossus of Rhodes

While no longer standing, imagine and depict this ancient wonder, showcasing its size and the harbor of Rhodes.

205. Rialto Bridge - Venice, Italy

Illustrate the iconic stone bridge spanning the Grand Canal, possibly with gondolas and historic buildings in the background.

75 Technology Drawing Ideas

Here are 75 fun to draw ideas that stem from technology. Try these amazing drawing ideas for adults when you’re feeling stuck.

206. Phonograph

Illustrate this early device for recording and reproducing sound, showcasing its iconic horn speaker and rotating disc.


207. Rotary Telephone

Capture the classic design of this once ubiquitous communication device, emphasizing its circular dial and handset.

Rotary Telephone

208. Typewriter

Depict this mechanical device, showcasing the individual keys and perhaps a sheet of paper with a half-typed message.

209. Radio Set

Showcase a vintage tabletop radio, emphasizing its tuning dials, large speakers, and perhaps a glowing vacuum tube.

210. Television (1950s)

Illustrate the early design of televisions with wooden cabinets and small, rounded screens.

211. Polaroid Camera

Capture the iconic instant camera, perhaps with a freshly ejected photo awaiting development.

212. Walkman

Depict Sony’s revolutionary portable cassette player with its headphones, symbolizing the beginning of personal portable music.

213. Game Boy

Show the popular handheld gaming device, perhaps with a screen displaying a classic game like Tetris.

214. VHS Cassette

Illustrate this once-popular video storage format, maybe showcasing its internal tape spools. It’s a simple object that should be easy to draw if you’re feeling bored.

215. Floppy Disk

Capture the iconic data storage device, emphasizing its metallic center and protective sleeve.

216. Personal Computer (1980s)

Show an early model of a home computer, complete with a CRT monitor, keyboard, and perhaps a mouse.

217. CD Player

Illustrate this portable device, with its lid open, showcasing a compact disc inside.

218. Palm Pilot

Depict one of the earliest personal digital assistants, complete with its stylus and monochrome screen.

219. Nokia 3310

Showcase the sturdy mobile phone, famous for its durability and the game Snake.

220. iPod

Capture Apple’s revolutionary music player, emphasizing its wheel design and earbuds.

221. BlackBerry

Illustrate the smartphone with its iconic QWERTY keyboard, symbolizing early mobile business communication.

222. DVD Player

Show the device with its tray open, holding a shiny DVD.

223. Digital Camera

Illustrate a classic compact digital camera, emphasizing its lens and digital screen.

224. Flat Screen Television

Showcase the evolution of the television, featuring a sleek, modern design.

225. Xbox

Depict Microsoft’s gaming console, complete with controllers and perhaps a game disc.

226. Laptop Computer

Illustrate a modern laptop, open to show its keyboard and screen displaying a popular operating system.

227. USB Flash Drive

Capture the compact data storage device, maybe connected to a computer or with its cap off.

228. Kindle

Showcase Amazon’s e-reader, with its screen displaying a page from a classic novel.


229. Drone

Depict a modern quadcopter in flight, perhaps capturing footage with its camera.

230. Smartwatch

Illustrate a sleek smartwatch on someone’s wrist, showing a range of apps or tracking data.

231. Virtual Reality Headset

Show someone immersed in a virtual world, emphasizing the headset and hand controllers.

232. GoPro

Capture the action camera in action, perhaps attached to a helmet or bike.

233. Google Glass

Illustrate the early attempt at augmented reality glasses, showcasing its transparent display.

234. Smart Thermostat

Show the modern home thermostat, with its digital display and sleek design.

235. Electric Car Charging Station

Depict a modern electric car plugged in and charging.

236. 3D Printer

Showcase a 3D printer in action, creating a complex object layer by layer.

237. Raspberry Pi

Illustrate the compact computer board, emphasizing its various ports and components.

238. Roomba

Capture the robotic vacuum cleaner navigating a living room floor, avoiding obstacles.

239. Tesla Model S

Showcase the iconic electric car, emphasizing its sleek design and perhaps its large touchscreen dashboard.

240. Augmented Reality Phone Game

Illustrate someone engrossed in playing a game like Pokémon Go, with augmented creatures appearing in the real world.

241. Wireless Earbuds

Capture modern wireless earbuds, emphasizing their compact design and charging case.

242. Nintendo Switch

Showcase the hybrid gaming console, with its detachable controllers and screen.

243. OLED Screen

Illustrate the thin, vibrant display technology, perhaps showcasing a curved television or phone.

244. Smart Speaker

Show a device like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, with pulsing lights indicating it’s listening.

245. Foldable Smartphone

Depict the new era of phones that can fold, showing both its compact and unfolded states.

246. Electric Scooter

Illustrate a modern e-scooter, popular in many cities for short commutes.

247. Solar Panels

Showcase solar panels on a rooftop, capturing sunlight and converting it to energy.

248. Fitbit

A drawing idea is to depict the fitness tracker on a wrist, displaying steps taken or heart rate.

249. Ring Video Doorbell

Illustrate the smart doorbell, perhaps with a visitor’s face clearly visible on its camera.

250. Hoverboard

Capture the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, with someone gliding along a pathway.

251. HomePod

Show Apple’s smart speaker, emphasizing its unique mesh design and sound waves emanating from it.

252. Smart Refrigerator

Illustrate a modern fridge with a touchscreen display, perhaps showing a shopping list or family calendar.

253. 4K Camera

Depict a professional-grade camera capturing ultra-high-definition video.

254. Bluetooth Tracker

Show a small device like Tile, attached to a set of keys or a wallet.

255. Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Illustrate the modern solution to whole-home internet coverage, with multiple nodes placed throughout a home.

256. USB-C Hub

Showcase a compact hub providing various ports, connected to a modern laptop.

257. Gaming Chair

Depict a comfortable, ergonomic chair designed specifically for long gaming sessions.

258. Streaming Stick

Illustrate a device like the Roku Stick or Amazon Fire Stick, plugged into a television’s HDMI port.

259. Treadmill Desk

Capture the combination of a treadmill and workspace, allowing someone to walk while working.

260. E-sports Arena

Showcase a stadium filled with fans watching a competitive video gaming event, with large screens displaying the action.

261. Smart Lock

Illustrate a door lock that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.

262. Gaming Keyboard

Depict a colorful RGB-lit keyboard, specifically designed for gamers.

263. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Capture a set of over-ear headphones, with someone enjoying music in a noisy environment.

264. Electric Skateboard

Showcase a skateboard powered by an electric motor, with someone riding it on a city street.

265. Smart Light Bulb

Illustrate a light bulb that can be controlled and color-changed via a smartphone. What a scientific feat!

266. VR Treadmill

Depict a 360-degree treadmill allowing users to walk in any direction while immersed in a virtual reality experience.

267. Touch Bar (MacBook Pro)

Illustrate the innovative touch interface on Apple’s laptop, showing dynamic controls based on the current application.

268. Robot Assistant

Capture a humanoid robot helping with household tasks or interacting with family members.

269. Wireless Charging Pad

Showcase a device charging wirelessly, emphasizing the absence of cords.

270. Home Automation System

Illustrate a centralized control panel or app interface, managing various smart devices in a home.

271. Smart Glasses

Depict a pair of glasses displaying augmented reality information, like navigation or notifications.

272. Action Camera on Drone

Capture a drone’s perspective, focusing on an action camera capturing scenic aerial footage.

273. Biometric Scanner

Showcase a device scanning a fingerprint, retina, or face for security purposes.

274. E-ink Display

Illustrate a digital display mimicking the appearance of printed ink on paper, as seen in e-readers.

275. Transparent OLED Display

Depict a futuristic display technology where the screen is transparent until activated, perhaps showing information on a window pane.

276. Gesture Control Device

Show someone controlling technology using hand gestures, without touching any physical interface.

277. Neural Interface Device

Illustrate a future-tech device that reads brain waves, allowing for control without any physical interaction.

278. Holographic Display

Capture a 3D hologram emerging from a device, perhaps showing a futuristic video call or 3D design.

279. Wearable Computer

Depict a piece of clothing or accessory that incorporates computing capabilities, such as smart glasses or a jacket with built-in displays.

280. Modular Smartphone

Illustrate a phone where individual components, like the camera or battery, can be swapped out for upgrades or repairs.

89 Easy Drawing Ideas of Everyday Objects

Not all of us are great artists, and maybe you need to be brought back down to earth with some smaller drawing ideas.

Here are 89 simple drawing ideas for adults that are simple ideas for drawing inspiration. Use these as drop-dead drawing prompt ideas to get you going.

281. Penny

Capture the details of this humble coin, showcasing Abraham Lincoln’s profile and the iconic “One Cent” on the reverse.


282. Pencil

Illustrate a classic wooden pencil, emphasizing the sharpened tip and perhaps a worn-down eraser.


283. Paper Clip

Depict this ubiquitous office tool, showcasing its simple yet functional twisted metal design.

284. Button

Show a singular button, perhaps with intricate patterns or designs, or the classic four-hole design.

285. Matchstick

Illustrate a matchstick, possibly with a flame dancing at its tip or freshly extinguished smoke.

286. Thimble

Capture this sewing accessory, emphasizing its dimpled texture.

287. Rubber Band

Depict a stretched or coiled rubber band, showcasing its elasticity.

288. Cork

Show the texture and form of a wine cork, perhaps with a wine label’s imprint.

289. Safety Pin

Illustrate an open or closed safety pin, emphasizing its sharp point and clasp. This is a perfect still life object to draw.

290. Marble

Depict a colorful glass marble, capturing the swirls inside and its glossy surface.

291. Key

Capture the intricate grooves and patterns of a house or car key.


292. Bottle Cap

Illustrate a soda or beer bottle cap, showcasing its ridges and any logos or branding.

293. Dice

Show a six-sided dice, perhaps in mid-roll, with a variety of numbers visible.

294. Eraser

Capture an eraser, maybe worn down from use with small remnants of erased pencil marks.

295. Bobby Pin

Illustrate this simple hair accessory, perhaps as it clasps strands of hair.

296. Push Pin

Show a colorful push pin, possibly piercing a note or photograph.

297. Clothespin

Depict a wooden or plastic clothespin as a still life object, perhaps clutching a piece of clothing or a photo.

298. Feather

Capture the intricate details and softness of a bird’s feather.

299. Staple

Illustrate a singular staple, emphasizing its metallic sheen and sharp edges.

300. Toothpick

Show a wooden toothpick, possibly with a small piece of food stuck to its end.

301. Seed

Depict a singular seed, ready to sprout and grow when planted.

302. Earring Back

Illustrate the small metallic piece that secures an earring in place.

303. Screw

Showcase the spirals and the slot or Phillips head of a screw.

304. Nail

Capture the simple yet functional design of a metal nail.

305. Postage Stamp

Illustrate a stamp, emphasizing any intricate designs, images, or text.

306. Petal

Depict a singular flower petal, capturing its delicate texture and color gradients.

307. Acorn

Show the small oak tree seed, with its characteristic cap.

308. Shell

Capture the intricate designs and shapes of a small seashell.

309. Sugar Cube

Illustrate a cube of sugar, emphasizing its crystalline texture.

310. Puzzle Piece

Show a single piece from a jigsaw puzzle, with its unique edges and a fragment of the image it’s part of.

311. Tic Tac

Capture the tiny mint, possibly with a hint of its minty freshness.

312. Bread Tie

Illustrate the small piece of plastic or metal used to close bags.

313. Zipper Pull

Show the tiny tab used to pull a zipper up or down.

314. Teabag Tag

Depict a tag from a teabag, maybe showing a brand name or flavor. Even a beginner artist could draw cute object!

315. Confetti

Capture a single piece of colorful confetti.

316. Bead

Illustrate a tiny bead, emphasizing its hole and reflective surfaces. Such an easy thing to draw!

317. Lip Balm Cap

Show the cap of a lip balm tube, perhaps with a hint of the balm peeking out from below.

318. Guitar Pick

Depict this triangular tool, showcasing its shape and any designs or logos.

319. Sim Card

Capture the microchip details of a SIM card, used in mobile phones.

320. Sequin

Illustrate a shiny sequin, reflecting light from its surface.

321. LEGO Brick

Show the iconic bumps and shape of a LEGO piece.

322. Candy Wrapper

Depict an empty or crumpled candy wrapper, possibly with a hint of the candy it once held.

323. Tack

Capture the sharp point and colorful head of a tack.

324. Grain of Rice

Illustrate a singular grain of rice, showcasing its subtle texture.

325. Shoelace Tip

Show the plastic or metal aglet at the end of a shoelace.

326. Pebble

Depict a small, smooth stone, possibly with interesting color patterns.

327. Jewelry Clasp

Capture the tiny mechanism that secures a necklace or bracelet.

328. Bookmark Tassel

Illustrate the thin string and decorative end of a bookmark tassel.

329. Lint

Show a piece of lint, perhaps with a mix of colors and textures.

330. Chocolate Chip

Depict a singular chocolate chip, possibly slightly melted.

331. Miniature Flag

Capture a small flag, showcasing its colors and design.

332. Breadcrumb

Illustrate a tiny piece of bread, perhaps with a crumbly texture.

333. Sticky Note

Show a single sticky note, possibly with a handwritten message.

334. Watch Battery

Depict the small round battery that powers wristwatches.

335. Fortune (from a Fortune Cookie)

Capture a small strip of paper with a fortune or piece of wisdom.

336. Coffee Bean

Illustrate a singular roasted coffee bean, showcasing its rich texture.

337. Butterfly Wing Scale

Depict the microscopic scales on a butterfly wing, magnified to show their intricate design.

338. Charm from a Bracelet

Capture a tiny charm, possibly shaped like a heart, star, or other symbol.

339. Glass Shard

Illustrate a piece of broken glass, reflecting light and colors.

340. Wine Cork Fragment

Show a small piece of cork, perhaps with a wine stain.

341. Sunflower Seed

Depict a singular sunflower seed, with its striped shell.

342. Sprinkle (from a Donut)

Capture a colorful candy sprinkle, emphasizing its elongated shape.

343. Sand Grain

Illustrate a single grain of sand, magnified to show its unique shape and texture.

344. Glitter Piece

Show a tiny piece of glitter, reflecting light in all directions.

345. Loose Tooth Braces Bracket

Depict a metallic bracket from dental braces, emphasizing its small hooks and size.

346. Popcorn Kernel

Capture an unpopped kernel of popcorn.

347. Wax Seal Stamp

Illustrate the intricate designs imprinted on a wax seal.

348. Paint Chip

Show a flake of dried paint, possibly with multiple color layers.

349. Pill

Depict a medicinal tablet, showcasing its shape and any imprints.

350. Origami Star

Capture a tiny folded paper star, emphasizing its 3D shape.

351. Drop of Dew

Illustrate a singular droplet of dew, possibly refracting the morning light.

352. Raspberry Seed

Show a small seed from a raspberry, with its unique texture.

353. Button Battery

Depict the small coin-shaped battery used in various small electronics.

354. Screw Back from Earrings

Capture the small backing that secures stud earrings.

355. Fruit Sticker

Illustrate a sticker from a piece of fruit, showcasing its number code and brand.

356. Speck of Gold

Show a tiny fleck of gold, shining with its characteristic luster.

357. Lens from Glasses

Depict the curved piece of transparent material from a pair of eyeglasses.

358. Ant

Capture the detailed anatomy of this tiny insect.

359. Splinter

Illustrate a small piece of wood, metal, or glass embedded in the skin.

360. Seed Bead

Show a small, round bead, emphasizing its hole and shiny surface.

361. Ribbon Bow

Depict a tiny bow made from ribbon, showcasing its loops and ends.

362. Chia Seed

Capture a small chia seed, emphasizing its texture and color.

363. Jump Ring (from Jewelry)

Illustrate the small ring used to connect jewelry components.

364. Diamond from a Ring

Show the dazzling facets and brilliance of a tiny diamond.

365. Watch Hand

Depict the thin metal piece that indicates the hour, minute, or second on a wristwatch.

366. Miniature Playing Card

Capture a tiny playing card, possibly from a dollhouse set.

367. Micro SD Card

Illustrate the minuscule data storage device used in various tech gadgets.

368. Spangle

Show a small, shiny disk sewn as one of many onto clothing for decoration.

369. Artificial Eyelash

Depict a single faux eyelash, emphasizing its curve and fibers.

50 Extinct Animals to Draw

Get ready for some more drawing ideas! Here’s a list of 50 extinct animals that are fun to draw. Draw animals that are interesting, scarce, and unique, in your own style

370. Woolly Mammoth

Depict this majestic, shaggy relative of the modern elephant, emphasizing its long curved tusks and thick fur coat.

Wooly Mammoth

371. Dodo

Illustrate this flightless bird from Mauritius, showcasing its stout body, short legs, and hooked beak.

Dodo bird

372. Saber-toothed Cat (Smilodon)

Capture this prehistoric predator, highlighting its elongated, sharp canine teeth and robust build.


373. Passenger Pigeon

Show this once-abundant bird, emphasizing its graceful wings and distinct coloration.

374. Great Auk

Depict this large, flightless seabird that was hunted to extinction in the 19th century.

375. Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)

Illustrate this striped, carnivorous marsupial, emphasizing its dog-like build and stiff tail.

376. Moa

Capture this giant, flightless bird native to New Zealand, showcasing its impressive height and strong legs.

377. Steller’s Sea Cow

Show this massive marine mammal, emphasizing its size compared to modern manatees and dugongs.

378. Irish Elk (Megaloceros)

Depict this prehistoric deer, highlighting its enormous antlers that spanned several meters.

379. Pinta Island Tortoise

Illustrate the giant tortoise native to the Galápagos, representing the last of its kind, Lonesome George.

380. Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin)

Capture this freshwater dolphin, showcasing its sleek body and long beak.

381. Carolina Parakeet

Show this colorful bird, the only parrot species native to the eastern United States.

382. Giant Ground Sloth

Depict this massive herbivore, emphasizing its powerful limbs and long claws.

383. Haast’s Eagle

Illustrate this massive eagle from New Zealand, known for hunting the aforementioned Moa.

384. Dire Wolf

Capture this prehistoric predator, highlighting its robust build and powerful jaw.

385. Quagga

Show this subspecies of plains zebra, emphasizing the unique stripes that faded towards its rear.

386. Western Black Rhinoceros

Depict this recently extinct species of rhino, emphasizing its powerful horn and sturdy build.

387. Pyrenean Ibex

Illustrate this wild mountain goat that once roamed the Pyrenees.

388. Falkland Islands Wolf

Capture this mysterious island carnivore, emphasizing its slender build and curious expression.

389. Cave Bear

Show this prehistoric bear species, larger than most modern bears, emphasizing its size and strength.

390. Short-faced Bear

Depict this massive predator from North America, highlighting its long limbs and short snout.

391. Archaeopteryx

Illustrate this transitional creature between non-avian dinosaurs and birds, showcasing its feathered wings and reptilian tail.

392. Neanderthal

Capture this close relative of modern humans, emphasizing their robust build and distinctive facial features.

393. Giant Beaver

Show this enormous rodent, which was similar to the modern beaver but much larger in size.

394. Anomalocaris

Depict this early marine predator from the Cambrian period, highlighting its unique feeding appendages.

395. Trilobite

Illustrate this ancient arthropod, emphasizing the various segments of its exoskeleton.

396. Tiktaalik

Capture this transitional fossil, showcasing features of both fish and early tetrapods.

397. Giant Short-faced Kangaroo

Show this massive prehistoric kangaroo, emphasizing its powerful hind legs.

398. Megatherium

Depict this enormous ground sloth, showcasing its massive claws and herbivorous diet.

399. Dimetrodon

Illustrate this early synapsid with a sail-like structure on its back.

400. Ichthyosaurus

Capture this marine reptile, emphasizing its dolphin-like body and sharp teeth.

401. Plesiosaurus

Show this long-necked marine reptile, highlighting its paddle-like limbs and small head.

402. Pterosaur

Depict this flying reptile, showcasing its wingspan and distinct beak.

403. Velociraptor

Illustrate this small, feathered dinosaur, emphasizing its sharp claws and agile build.

404. Spinosaurus

Capture this large predatory dinosaur, showcasing its long spine and aquatic adaptations.

405. Woolly Rhinoceros

Show this prehistoric rhino with a coat of long hair, emphasizing its powerful horn.

406. Glyptodon

Depict this ancient relative of the armadillo, showcasing its armored shell.

407. Thylacosmilus

Illustrate this saber-toothed marsupial predator, highlighting its elongated canine teeth.

408. Paraceratherium

Capture this massive prehistoric mammal, one of the largest land mammals ever known.

409. Terror Bird

Show this large flightless predatory bird, emphasizing its powerful beak and legs.

410. Andrewsarchus

Depict this large carnivorous mammal from the Eocene epoch, showcasing its robust skull.

411. Coelacanth

Illustrate this ancient fish, once thought to be extinct but rediscovered in the 20th century.

412. Eurypterid (Sea Scorpion)

Capture this ancient aquatic arthropod, emphasizing its sharp pincers.

413. Deinotherium

Show this prehistoric relative of elephants, highlighting its downward-curving tusks.

414. Ammonite

Depict this extinct marine mollusk, showcasing its spiraled shell.

415. Opabinia

Illustrate this Cambrian creature, emphasizing its strange five-eyed appearance and unique grasping appendage.

416. Stegodon

Capture this ancient relative of elephants and mammoths, highlighting its long, curved tusks.

417. Platybelodon

Show this prehistoric relative of the elephant, known for its unique shovel-shaped lower jaw.

418. Megalodon

Depict this massive prehistoric shark, emphasizing its incredible size in comparison to modern sharks.

419. Titanoboa

Illustrate this enormous prehistoric snake, showcasing its length and girth.

6 Sports Drawing Ideas

Sports drawings

420. Baseball Bat

Depict this essential tool of baseball, showcasing its smooth, elongated form and the wood’s texture.

421. Ice Rink

Illustrate the expansive, shimmering surface of an ice rink, with perhaps a single figure skater or hockey player for scale.

Ice rink

422. Basketball Hoop

Capture the metallic hoop and net, highlighting the contrast between the solid ring and the fluidity of the mesh.

Basketball hoop

423. Football Helmet

Show this protective headgear, emphasizing its rugged design and shiny finish, perhaps with some scuff marks from a hard game.

424. Tennis Racket

Depict this tool of the tennis court, showcasing the intricate weave of its strings.

425. Golf Club

Illustrate the sleek, metallic finish of a golf club, perhaps juxtaposed against a golf ball.

Drawing Tips for the Beginner Adult Artist

One of the best ways to learn a new skill is to copy what’s been done. Everyone has their own drawing process, but I am an advocate for remixing, tracing, and studying the styles of past artists.

But here’s a quick list of what I think is important in starting out:

  1. Find an image that doesn’t scare you

  2. Practice sketching it using simple lines (I prefer an iPad and Apple pencil)

  3. Start with black and white sketching

  4. Add subtle color to add depth

  5. Finish with adding a light source


There you have it, 425 drawing ideas for adults that don’t leave you creatively stuck!

Having a single drawing idea is just the start of your journey, and I hope this list was helpful in giving you a nudge.

Whether you want to draw animals, have a daily drawing prompt reminder, or just find something fun to draw, this creative exploration is helpful for you to develop your own style.